Movie Review-Chicago


Coming out on Feb 11th

Review-I will admit I am a fan of Chicago, both the band and the film. Moulin Rouge is credited with reinventing the musical, and Chicago was the next step at bringing modern audiences back to an era in film which song would interrupt the story. Chicago is a beautifully shot film and is just an amazing song and dance fest. The script is minimal to give you enough words to give the characters a little depth and to let the audience breathe and relax between songs. I saw this film on the big screen and now I watched this on blu ray, and I have to say on blu ray it is like listening to your favorite cd. You can just listen to the songs over and over, and watch the scenes play out. Films like Chicago play out better on repeated viewings, that way while you are enthralled with the songs if you miss something the first time, you will catch it on the next. Renee Zellweger plays Roxy Hart, who seems to have murdered her affair male and convinces her husband to pay for her defense. Catharine Zeta-Jones plays Velma Kelly, who broke up her sister act by murdering her husband and her sister while they were having sex. Richard Gere is Billy Flynn, he is a overpriced attorney who has a mouth and ego and can beat any rap. What makes Chicago work; it is just magic to watch the chemistry on screen between the three actors. This film is not trying to reinvent the wheel, it is not trying to update the musical, it is just trying to bring magic and create a well-played out production that I feel males will love as much as females. I feel people hate hearing that a musical is using non-singers and non-choreographed dancers, but to a film like this it just works. Gere, and the two female leads really put so much personality and spark into their roles it is hard not to fall in love with them. This film feels like Fosse inspired, and unlike Fosse they do not try to break up the dramatic scenes, but let the drama play out before the song and dance. I thought watching Richard Gere tap dancing was very incredible and speaks volume for an actor who never seems to have got his due in his career. Chicago feels like the director just sat back and let this film discover its own personality and spirit and try to make it seem big. The only negative I could have for this film is that I wish more films would have followed in its shadow. I am always a fan of the golden era of cinema, and a film like this is just a treasure to me. To see the film for the first time in ten years really brought me back to the first time I watched it. I was on a date with my girlfriend at the time, Melissa. I remember both of us leaving that film and just being so entertained, now ten years later watching it again and now Melissa is my wife. These are the memories that make movies magic. I feel that is so lost on today’s crowd, who go to see movies just to have an opinion not to be entertained. When you put your cell phone down and stop hating everything and everyone and sit back this is the magic you will discover.

9 out of 10