Movie Review-A Night in the Woods


Coming out Feb 11th

Review-A Night in the Woods is the latest “found footage” film. Like most or all depending on who you talk to, Night in the Woods basically follows that same formula. This one was shot in Great Britain, and involves an American named Brody and his British girlfriend Kerry. They are heading to Southern England for a camping trip. Just so happens along the way they pick up Kerry’s cousin Leo, whom she has become distant with. Brody as the story starts to unravel, starts accusing Leo and Kerry of having an incest relationship. The jealousies and tensions come to a head in the isolated wooded area they are in. When the fights get to be too much, both men storm off in different directions and leaves Kerry all alone in the dark. When they do not come back after a while she heads out looking for them and discovers something else out there. The story also revolves around the rumors of a local legend, a ghostly huntsman who supposedly seeks out and punishes sinners. A Night in the Woods suffers the same fate most films in this genre do, and that is it takes forever for the horror element to kick in. This film owes so much to Blair Witch, it does the half hour of dialogue back and forth without really going anywhere but at least with BW the characters were at least likable or engaging. Night in the Woods the characters try but they really lack a charm or personality to really be effective. The plot and pacing of this film are horrible, just so slow and lacking in any originality. The acting in this film does try, but it just feels like they read the cliff notes of all the other found footage films. I did not like the fact that the film lacked an enthusiasm or sense of fear when it came to how it carried the legend of the huntsman. It felt like a casual in passing conversation than anyone in fear. This film is just a jumbled mess, the storyline seems to beat around the bush on the important elements like the local legend but bogs us down with things that do not matter as the film goes on and starts to reveal its intentions. The multiple cameras made it hard to watch at times, especially towards the middle when they revealed yet another camera angle. The film does have a few scare moments, but not enough. While a film like Blair Witch succeeds because they make you buy into the realism and give you all you need to know to buy into it. This film gives you a few words and expects you to jump into it caring. This film needed a backstory to help understand more; it needed a fluid pace that gave you reason to stick around and most of all it needed engaging characters. I cannot recommend this film even if you are into found footage films. This film just is flat out boring and uninspired. It’s films like this that should come with a warning: This film may kill the genre.

4 out of 10