Movie Review-A Measure of the Sin


Review-Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a Jess Franco mentality in a David Lynch vision? A Measure of the Sin is such a welcome breath of relief after having been fed bad indie horror films and Hollywood lack of heart blockbusters. This is that small odd film like a Donnie Darko, that once you watch what it offers, you will not forget it. The plot is simple enough to follow; you have a young girl named Meredith whose life changes when she is deprived of her mom. Meredith like all young women without their moms feels vulnerable in a way; she comes across as lonely and very desperate to find something or someone to take the place of her mom. As fate would have it, Meredith joins another family that at first things do not feel so right, but soon we witness her becoming victim to a man who seems to be in control of her. She is also joined in this house by other women and their kids, and also the visions of a bear that only she seems to be able to see. This film is that art-house little gem that I feel if it got people to pay attention could get some major talk. In ways this film reminded me at times of a very low budget Martha Marcy May Marlene just in terms of what our young woman seems to go thru. What makes this film so hype worthy is that it does not seem to follow any formula, the characters are not everyday people we meet, and they are people that feels like society does not exist unless it is on their terms in their own existence. This film is truly unique, creative and original. What you get out of the film is measured by what you put into the film. If you sit back and grab some popcorn and expect a horror film that is going to give you numbing and dumbing dialogue and blood, you are in the wrong film. If you are looking for a film that really pushes the boundaries and gives you a vision that you will remember long after you shut it off, this is your film. This film comes across as a nightmare, a secluded nightmare that the films blur the lines to the point that we are left at the end with not a clap but a warning. “I just witnessed the future of filmmaking and his name is Jeff Wedding”. This film is going to be talked about in 2014.

9 out of 10