Metal Review: Soreption: Engineering the Void (2014)

Soreption Engineering the Void

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Swedish technical death metal band Soreption is back at it with their latest effort, “Engineering the Void,” out February 18, 2014. When the genre of technical death metal gets uttered, it is normally met by much trepidation amongst fans due to a lot of bands just not doing it right. There is more to it than simply displaying super chops on your instrument. At the end of the day, you have to write a song that is listenable without being a cluttered mess of mind-blowing riff after riff. Soreption has nailed it on “Engineering the Void.”

The album begins at a pace that is mindblowing displaying jaw-dropping musicianship from all members of the band. There are not too many bands out there that could challenge them at their respective instruments. What sets Soreption apart is that the songs are listenable, and even more than that, they are amazingly enjoyable.

My favorite tracks begin toward the middle of the album with Utopia and continue until the end of the album with the standout track being I Am You. I dare you to find a catchier technical death metal song. The guitar riffs are merciless and razor-sharp in their precision as they are on most songs, but it is the attention to each palm mute and stop that is shown that makes Anton Svedin’s guitar work stand out like it does.

Honestly, the entire band are playing on a different plain than most bands out there, so I do not mean to leave anyone out, but the guitar playing is simply outstanding.

Also, note that the title track, Engineering the Void, features guest vocals by The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad.

Engineering the Void Track Listing:
01. Reveal the Unseen
02. The Nature of Blight
03. Breaking the Great Narcissist
04. A Speech to Survival
05. Utopia
06. Monumental Burden
07. I Am You
08. Engineering the Void

Soreption Line-up:
Fredrik Șderberg РVocals
Anton Svedin – Guitars
Stefan Nordlander – Session Guitarist
Rickard Persson – Bass
Tony Westermark – Drums