Metal Review: Morfin: Inoculation (2014)

Morfin InoculationCalifornia death metal outfit Morfin is a unique treat. The four-piece band formed in 2010 and released the debut demo, “Crystal Darkness” a year later. German label F.D.A Rekortz recognized their potential and will be releasing their debut full-length release, “Inoculation,” on February 21, 2014.

What makes Morfin an exceptional surprise is their ability to put a fresh spin on a classic sound, especially a sound coming from the classic death metal outfit Death. Morfin displays a clear inspiration for Death’s great work on “Inoculation” from their vocal stylings to the master death metal riffwork. Take the track Dark Creator as an example with its infectious grooves and tones. This track shows the bands power alone, but is only a small part of their debut release. There is much more depth to the band than cloning classic death metal sounds.

The chunky riffs are scattered throughout the release along with some top-notch lead work and highly effective bass work. The bass on Lethal Progeny elevates this track to an entirely new level and becomes one of the better songs on the album with its intricate patterns and twists.

Just for good measure, the band also throws in a cover of Death’s Leprosy to close things out.

To be straight to the point, Morfin’s “Inoculation” is easily one of the best of the year already for any metal genre, but will end up at the top of my list for a death metal release. This is a must-add to anyone serious about death metal.

Label: F.D.A. Rekortz
Release Date: February 21, 2014

Inoculation Track Listing:
01. Evil Within – 5:22
02. Dark Creator – 5:45
03. Lethal Progeny – 4:24
04. Identity Killer – 5:06
05. Cryostasis – 3:36
06. Primordial – 1:14
07. Inoculation – 3:54
08. Brain Control – 5:43
09. ViralMutation – 3:39
10. Leprosy – 6:14
Total Playtime: 44 minutes, 36 seconds