Metal Review: Entartung: Peccata Mortalia (2014)

Entartung Peccata MortaliaWith a March 8, 2014 release date, Entartung is ready to unleash their sophomore effort on us entitled “Peccata Mortalia.” Their debut album, “Krypteia,” set the stage for this new black metal band to breathe some fresh air into the lungs of an ancient subgenre of metal and they were up to the task. With “Peccata Mortalia,” the band sounds even better and the songs are written better that their previous effort.

There is not a bad song on “Peccata Mortalia,” but some songs like Out of Darkness Into Light and Faith on the Scaffold are tough to listen to just once. I want to keep going back a track and re-listening to these tracks each time. Whether it is the melodic droning evident in the latter or the violent thrashing of the former, both of these tracks hit you with all that they have.

The tracks are strong in every sense as they are well presented musically and vocally. Another aspect of the album that I am in love with is the beautiful musical interlude of Cimmerian Shade just when it is needed. Entartung is pounding you into submission, but just as you are about to tap, the melancholy vibe of the brief Cimmerian Shade slows things down and send us into the madness once again with To Conquer Immortality in the Depths.

For black metal fans, we will eat up albums like this all of the time. There is that certain amount of freshness added while maintaining the feel of classic black metal bands.

Peccata Mortalia Track Listing:
1. Der Hölle Herr
2. Blasphemaverit in Spiritum Sanctum
3. Out of Darkness Into Light
4. Faith on the Scaffold
5. Cimmerian Shade
6. To Conquer Immortality in the Depths
7. The Law of the Claw
8. Yawm ad-Din