Lucky Bastard Green Band Trailer

Lucky Bastard

NC-17-rated found footage thriller “Lucky Bastard” has released a green band trailer as it prepares for its Valentine’s Day release in New York next week. The film combines the worlds of sick psychos and enterprising pornographers and looks very interesting. Check out the trailer below.

Mike (Don McManus) runs the Lucky Bastard website; Dave (Jay Paulson) is a young fan given a chance to have sex with a porn actress, and Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue) is the porn star who reluctantly agrees to participate in the website’s “have sex with a porn star” contest. In the end everyone gets more than they bargained for when the seemingly mild-mannered Dave is irrevocably transformed by his experience. When, as Ashley predicted, Dave becomes humiliated, his personality is transformed; and he seeks revenge on his tormentors. In this world, where everyone is safe within its borders, an outsider poses the ultimate danger.

“Lucky Bastard” opens on February 14, 2014 in New York and March 7, 2014 in LA.