WickedChannel.com Sits Down With Amelia Kinkade: Angela From Night of the Demons

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I am very excited to share our interview with Amelia Kinkade, better known as Angela from the cult classic “Night of the Demons.” As you will see from the interview below, Amelia is beyond awesome. Read on below.

WC:Night of the Demons has become a cult classic among 80s horror fans as well as the younger generation. Did you ever see that coming when the film started?

AK: Good lord, NO!  I was absolutely SHOCKED at the success of these movies and every time a fan comes to a convention and yanks up his shirt to show me the tat of me on his CHEST or drops trou to show me the tat of me on his THIGH, I almost FAINT!!!  It is absolutely astonishing.
Night of the DemonsWC:How did you land the role as Angela?

AK:I was asked to scare the panties off of the casting director, so I threatened to kill her while smiling….and maybe giggling a little.  It worked.

I know that you were a professional dancer. Did you have any input on the now-iconic seductive dance scene in Night of the Demons and whose idea was it to use Bauhaus as the song to dance to?

AK: I choreographed all three demon dances and was allowed to improvise all three dances as I went along.  I personally insisted that the Bauhaus song was secured for the first demon-dance, and I was thrilled and amazing when we got the rights from the record company.  I  had been trained as a ballet and modern dancer and graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy—the most prestigious music school in the world for high school musicians, dancers, and artists—so these movies gave me a forum where I could truly GO WILD.  I was very frustrated at this time because even though I was starring in rock videos and dancing in Hollywood films, I was never given the opportunity to express my full potential as a dancer.  NOTD gave me an arena where I had full creative control.  And Kevin Tenney gave me the reigns, trusted me with the choreography of the dances, and allowed me to be and do whatever came out of my soul in the moment.  I didn’t want to let Kevin down, so I did my very very best to wring out my talent and training on the screen.  I hope it showed.

WC: Were there always ideas to have sequels?

AK: No.  The following 2 films were written for me as perks after the success of the 1st.

WC: Which of the three Night of the Demons films were your favorite?

AK: 1 and 2.

WC: In a genre dominated by male villains like Jason, Freddy and Michael, how does it feel to know you are one of the few female cinematic slasher villains?

AK: If I was a guy I’d have a hard-on.

WC:Did you see the Night of the Demons remake, and if so, what did you think of it?

AK: I didn’t watch it.  It would be like remaking Gilligan’s Island.  There are some things that need to be left alone.  And on that note, would I rather be Ginger or Mary Ann?  Neither.  When I grow up, I want to be Mrs. Howel!!!

WC:You were also in the pilot of one of my favorite (and far too short-lived) television series, Misfits of Science. What was that like?

AK: I don’t remember it whatsoever.  Maybe the after-party was that good!

WC:Do you still dance?

AK: Good grief!  Does a bear sh*t in the woods?  Does the Pope eat fish on Friday?  OF COURSE I still dance.  I reenact my demon dance at least once a week in salsa clubs all over the world!!!

Amelia KinkadeWC: When did you first realize that you have the ability to hear and speak to animals?

AK: I discovered the ability quite by accident when I was in my mid-twenties which is the basis of my teaching—that Animal Communication can be taught!  It is a learned skill, not a God-given gift.  But it takes practice, daily discipline, and an endless surrender to the suffering that animals endure every day in order to blast their worlds with pure unconditional LOVE.  I’m discovering now—also by accident—that most if not all of my Demons lovers have animals and also love their animals.  If you look closely at Demons 1, you’ll see Angela was conducting a séance.  So, even the role I played was a metaphysical teacher.  That was long before I became a metaphysical teacher in real life.  I’ve lectured in 10-15 countries a year for the last 12 years since my first book, STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH came out.  Now all my movie fans can find downloads on my site: www.ameliakinkade.com where they can learn to talk to their animals at home.  And learn to listen, too!


AK: These two books are the most comprehensive explanations of supernatural powers available in print right now, and I can say that with full confidence because Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon, mentored THE LANGUAGE OF MIRACLES and co-wrote all the passages that explain quantum processes.  These two book speak for themselves.  What I think my horror fans will LOVE in addition to these books, is my new crime novel, AURORA’S SECRET, which is as gory, outrageous, naughty and hilarious as the horror movies I once made.  My new greatest goal will to be to sell AURORA’S SECRET as a film and see my baby up on the silver screen.  The book is based on a real case I worked on with Scotland Yard where a dog witnessed a murder that Scotland Yard had dismissed as a suicide.  The dog named the murderer BY NAME and the case was kept open on the testimony of a DOG!!!  (And a kooky Animal Psychic !)  But AURORA’S SECRET is a wild wild ride that goes much further than that one case and takes you into the seedy underbelly of Hollywood where I floundered around with all the other young actresses working as go-go dancers and trying to survive.  Read it and HOWL with wicked glee!!!

WC: Tell us about “NO HORROR FOR ANIMALS – Keep the horror on screen!”

AK: I’m starting my own charity benefits where horror movie stars can unite forces to stop animal cruelty.  The difference between my movies and what animals endure in laboratories every day is that my movies were make believe.  These animals are living a horror movie every second of their lives.  It’s time for the human race to grow a conscience, a heart, and a willingness to shelter innocent beings from harm.  If you remember in Demons 1, Angela warned her party guests NOT to entertain the demonic forces.  Those demonic forces are in control in the way our animals are treated in this country, and we need to take the power back from the forces that exploit and torture animals.  NO HORROR FOR ANIMALS will raise funds for charities that rescue animals, care for animals, and assist animals in disaster relief.  But I aim to make this harrowing work FUN by creating the most outlandish hilarious and wonderful costume parties Hollywood has seen for years!  And I aim to take my show on the road so that Angela’s Parties can take place in YOUR home town eventually too!

WC: How can your fans help out?

AK: Come to Angela’s Parties whenever you can.  Log onto my new Facebook Page: Amelia Kinkade Presents Angela’s Party and stay tuned as I ramp up my own charity in 2015.  Angela’s Easter Party is already in full swing—I’m creating a Gone With the Wind theme for my gay fans who like to go as me in drag.  I think they’re going to want to wear hoop-skirts on Santa Monica Boulevard this year!  I’m also planning a Father’s Day party for men who have dogs and cats, so that they can celebrate their four-legged family members and acknowledge that they can be great “fathers” even if their “children” have paws, hooves, or wings.

WC: What would you like to say to your fans?

AK: I am so moved and touched to have your support.  When I go to conventions and have fans collapse in my arms in tears, I’m so in awe of your devotion, you could knock me down with a feather!  Let’s join forces now to celebrate my movies and stop animal cruelty so that all the passion you feel toward Night of the Demons is funneled in a glorious new positive direction!  I’m going to be here to help you as you start learning about telepathic communication and the joy that learning to HEAR animals can bring.  Log onto www.Ameliakinkade.com, read my books, order my meditations, and let me start guiding you into a beautiful new world—a world far more magical even, than my horror movies!