Short Review-Good Conduct


Review-Good Conduct is the latest short film from Patrick Rea. In case you are not familiar with the gentleman, he is the director of Nailbiter a film that made a lot of critics best of lists and also has a history of making short films that really test the viewer. Good Conduct is a son going to see his father the day before he gets out of jail. The 7 minute short tells the story thru many eyes, one being the little kid of the couple beside the father and dad, and the other one being thru the son’s eyes as he faces the monster that seems to be healed in his dad. You get the feeling when the father and son talk that there is a deep undercurrent in this relationship. Where the father is hopeful he is coming home a reformed and changed man, and the son sees the dad for the evil he really is. We learn in the 7 minutes that the father has a history of violence in the family, but we also see that the son seems to be not so innocent as well. As the short goes to end, the son and father do a long-delayed hug to say goodbye and something is whispered by the son to the father that really changes the father back to the monster he was. This short to me was smart, from the script written by Michelle Davidson to the direction by Rea, there is nothing in this short that feels like a wasted second. The short had such a twilight zone feeling to it. You know there is something boiling, and they give you every clue as to what it could be, and in the end they just throw you the one that you would not expect. If you have never seen a Patrick Rea short, you are truly and I mean truly missing out. Since 2010, I have been on the mountain of indieland films preaching this man’s talent. In 2014, with some luck we may see a full length from him and his crew.

9 out of 10