Short Film(s)Review-Dark Worlds: Slasher—Counter Parts—–Last Day


Review-This 20 minute short is not only effective but very smart. The film focuses on a serial killer named William. Not only is he the main focus of the film but he also narrates the film to us. He takes us into his world and gives us a step by step how to into killing a victim. The smartness of this film is not only from what we see in terms of the actions of this serial killer who seems to believe his press a little too much and is starting to become a little sloppy, but it also comes from what we hear in terms of script and delivery. This film does not play into horror clichés, but talks above them. The film as it goes on, the serial killer gets more than he bargained for when he chases his “snow white” in the form of the very goth-like but very beautiful Allison, and thinks it is going to be just another easy kill for him. The negative to this short is that I wish it was longer, they were telling such a strong story and had us digging the cat and mouse feel of the film, that I hated to see it end so soon. Michelle Sheilds and Beau Yotty really give some strong performances that may get people talking. Chris Jay and Kitsie Duncan their vision in the form of Darkrider Studio is really starting to take shape in the last few years, and they are providing some very good little small films and shorts that provide an alternative. All in all, this was a 20 minute trip thru the psyche of a serial killer that was so effectively creative and had an ending that will make you groan and piss you off, but how else could they have ended it?

9 out of 10


Review-In the last 4 years I have seen more Patrick Rea films then most people take baths. Each short or Nailbiter full length has been great, very good or excellent. I have called the man the second coming of Hitchcock and with good reason, the man and his directing just so flawless. He knows how to capture emotion and milk a scene for all it is worth. He does it all without huge budgets or major stars, he does it with his talent. Counter Parts is no exception, the story is about two rival sisters Alexis who is a famous actress and Sandra who lost her eyes and a limb in a car accident. Well Sandra when she gets out of the hospital goes to a voodoo doctor to try to get her life back by taking the life away from her rival sister. Somyia Finley who plays both sisters is amazing, and she will have your attention with just a look at the screen. The woman has star written all over her. Like most of Rea’s films and esp. the latest collaborations with Michelle Davidson, you know it is going to have a cruel twist to it, and this was does not disappoint. Where most directors and writers would have overthought it, Rea went for creative and gave the viewer something to take out of the film after investing twelve minutes into it. Rea deserves so much respect and I feel he is the most underrated director on the scene right now. This is a man who is clever and could really make Hollywood take note if he had a budget and a shot. I wish some studio would take a chance and release all his shorts on a compilation, that easily would me my pick for number one purchase of 2014 and would top my best of list easily without knowing anything else coming out. No one can hold a candle to what Rea is doing, and I feel the man should have been so fucking huge by now. This is another masterpiece from one of the best directors right now on the scene.

10 out of 10


Review-The Last Day is the story of Frank Muncey who wants to spend the last day of his life with his daughter. This is the first time I ever did soul searching while watching a short. If you had one last day with someone you knew was leaving tomorrow, what would you talk about? What would it be like? This short features Cindy Maples, who is one of those actresses that is under the radar, but if people saw one of her films they would be praising her work. This short plays out almost like a play more than a film, where we have a conversation between father and daughter that is touching, emotional and also important. That is the one thing off the bat this short got right, there is nothing wasted. The restaurant scene with father and daughter plays out so realistically that it is painful to watch because you become emotionally invested in the pain of saying goodbye to someone you love. The daughter tells the story of a guy she loves who a writer is named James, who will never get a book deal, and that really hit hard. For people including Cindy knew that is why I started blogging to get into a magazine or write a book, and I been turned down by everyone and laughed at by my peers. All in all, Cindy Maples to me is the real deal and the only good thing about the BBPP films. I also know what kind of talent she has, and that anything with her name in it just deserves all the press it gets. This was emotional and really shows the range of David Ross as well as the dad. You just feel his pain when he looks at the screen, and just the bond between father and daughter. This is a sweet little gem that should be seen by people who question what life is about.

8.5 out of 10