Movie Review(s)-Brutalization and Erotic Blackmail


Review-I remember in my early teens seeing a film called Because of the Cats, and really finding it disturbing. This little film from Holland may have been the litmus paper to films that came out later like The Skulls. The cover makes you think this is some shocking maybe torture porn sex fest and you will be mistaken. There are a few soft core scenes here and there to keep you emotionally invested, but this is more of a mystery thriller. You have to think this came out in an era that was getting characters like Dirty Harry who you knew had an edge, and found ways to shock a crowd with his violence and his “I do not give a fuck” attitude. In this film our crime fighters are not the common ones, they are in the same vein of not knowing where the lines are in humanity and morals. The film opens with a gang of young guys who have pantyhose caps and they abduct an older couple. The guys take turn raping the woman in front of her husband who is forced to watch. The catch is these are not some slobs; they are dressed out of 1973 GQ and speak very educated business like. So, they could have been the stockholders who later created Enron? (Talk about a different kind of rape and fucking)Van Der Valk is an investigator from Amsterdam who is out to find out about this crime and hunt down this club called The Ravens. We find out as the film goes on that some of the guys are heirs to very wealthy families in a place called Bloemendaal. As the film goes on we get another group called The Cats who are rumored about. This film tries hard to keep our attention, but time shows its age and this film does not hold up well the second time watching it some 30 years later. This film needed some more substance to really make it work, we get no really heart racing chase scenes that a car or truck could have done very well here or there. This film jumps, one minute it tries to humor me and the next it just kills to a tone more dark and serious. This film needed a balance. The music in this film does not hold up and is eye-rolling bad as well. For a soft core HBO in the middle of the night film this film is ok, but for a rental or purchase keep this film buried in the ground in the 70’s. Like all 70’s films this film is pretty open with the nudity and does not care if someone is offended by the imagery it gives you. But, compared to today’s rape scenes and nudity, this film just feels too tame and neutered to a point. There are some scenes in this film that felt desperate and I will not discuss them, because I want to get them out of my head but they served a purpose to keep me thinking after it ended. I will not condone a film that hurts or kills anything innocent, whether it is human or animal. That stuff did shock me a little, but I realized it was used to create that reaction and I am left wondering why even go in that route?

4.5 out of 10


Review-Erotic Blackmail, can I be honest right now? Films like this are not my cup of tea. I am not a fan of soft core porn that just has bad acting and an even worst script. Something tells me that the whole budget was spent on catering and maybe location work. This is about a couple who have pleasures with swinging with other people and they also are into making money and blackmailing. Hugo and Valarie can be any couple right? They invite Max and Dauphine to hang out and they have other plans for them. From there they have other couples and just a lot of bad 70’s soft core porn nonsense. This film had me so bored that by the 30 minute mark I hit the stop button and did not want to revisit it. This is a first; I never reviewed a film I could not finish till now. So, is this review a fair one? I feel so, you know by the half hour mark if a film could get better or keep you interested. I have watched Snow Shark, Crimson, Black Dahlia Haunting, and so many other bad films all the way thru for the courtesy to be fair, but with this film I could not make it. So, this review is based on the first half hour which at least twice I prayed to a higher being to get the gun out of mouth. This film is like all the Schoolgirl Reports, the Nikkatsu, and all that other junk I am so sick of watching. If I want this entertainment, I have friends at Digital Underground, Jim Powers and Tommy Pistol who will mail me a ton of porn that they would love to see me talk about. This is not fun for me, and does not make me aroused or even sexually minded. This makes me wish I had a suicide note handy. So, on a scale of one to ten I cannot rate it, but I can say that if you want to masturbate or be aroused by naked people, go hunt down online porn or friend a porn company and tell them you want to review their shit for a start up site or blog, I will vouch for you. (that is a joke I think)