Movie Review-You’re Next


Coming to dvd and blu ray combo pack on Jan 14th

Review-Just when you thought the home invasion subgenre of horror was played out, done to death and could not move forward. You’re Next is a home invasion film that does something that no other home invasion film has done in a very long time, it delivers and it delivers huge. The biggest mistake I feel home invasion films make is that they try too hard to be shocking. This film does not try to shock you; it tries to scare the fucking shit out of you. What makes this film work for me is first off the actors involved and the script. This film played it smart when it needed to and used dark cruel humor to really try to hammer a point. The film revolves around a wealthy elitist family named The Davisons. They are your typical rich couple with your not so typical young adult kids. The scenes with the family worked for me because you never quite know what is going to happen and when. This film does not give you any predictability in the first act; it goes for the throat and keeps you on the edge of your seat biting the nails. ( though towards the end it did get a little predictable, but not too much) This film does not waste time with a long winded story; it just gives you what you need to know and then thrusts you into their nightmare dealing with the masked intruders. The second thing that worked for me was the kills and brutality, this film has no fear of the MPAA or what the horror guidelines and rules are. This film has a cruelty to the kills that may turn off some, but fans like me we never can have enough. The third thing that I can recommend is that this film did not try to shock me. I do not need to see every woman beaten and raped, or to hear characters yell racism or anti-Semitic comments to try and hammer a point. This film basically used cleverness over laziness. As a horror fan we do not need the same formula time after time in these films. The final thing this film did that I could recommend is that cruel sense of humor I mentioned earlier, which led to this film feeling so fresh to me. That sense of humor that you feel morbid for laughing at, and at times question yourself for laughing. The film has many twists and turns towards the end, which I felt led to the fun that this film provided. The last shot of the film, I mean you can see coming from a mile away but we did not know exactly who it was intended for but when it happened, if I did not jump out of my chair twice now and cheer loudly and clap. This film like The Collection, The Conjuring, Sinister, Evil Dead remake and a few others make me so proud that R rated horror at the multiplex has made such a comeback. Now it is time for me to tell you the negatives to this film…Stop reading this review and go buy the dvd or blu ray immediately. This is a must. A fucking must…

10 out of 10