Movie Review-Wrath of the Crows


Review-When people use the words “independent film”, people think of a film that has a small budget that either imitates or mocks some Hollywood moneymaker. Even more so when people say ‘independent horror film”. Films like Wrath of the Crows are what the meaning to independent is-a true alternative to what mainstream cinema gives you. From the opening sequence of Wrath of the Crows you just know this is going to be a very disturbing and bloody affair. We watch a guy who is locked up in some cell named Skinny, he is a dirty beaten down looking sort of young male. We are not sure why he is locked up in this jail cell, but he is told he will be free today. So, as we watch as the soldier and guard take him to clean him up, we start to realize what his crime is. He was very violent to his woman; he beat her and other ungodly things he did to her. From there, we watch as others are locked up in the prison also, who as the film plays out we witness what they are locked up for as well. Let’s start off with the positives to this film, this film is a puzzle. This film just is so unconventional in its approach and storytelling that the intrigue to this film works in its favor. This film gives you a little insight as to why each person is in this prison, and each story is more odd and brutal than the last. You are wondering if you should pity them and have feelings for their well-beings or cheer whatever does happen to them. The kills and gore in this film is jaw-dropping. Where most indie horror films give you that hook in the opening, and then the slow and drawn out storytelling to get to the hour mark and you get a little blood, this film is the complete opposite. This film hooks you in the beginning with an odd opening, and keeps you hooked with a story that to describe to you would take the fun out of trying to figure it out for yourself. The last huge positive, the performances. Tiffany Shepis’s best film in ages and this role made me question why they did not cast her in the remake of The Evil Dead. You talk about a career defining role, Shepis pulls off sexy and scary, where she will have your heart racing and then next second rip it out of your chest. But, why stop at Shepis she is not the only one who shined in this film. Tara Cardinal really shines just as much, as does Debbie Rochon. This trio really shows you what females in indie horror are all about. And let’s not forget Suzi Lorraine, and the guys who all were equally as great in their roles. This film is divided up into so many subplots but it is so creepy, violent and bloody. The negatives to this film that this film is not on everyone’s lips and making all involved a lot of money. This film is very gory, very fun and quite frankly what Sinister, Maniac and The Conjuring were to mainstream horror fans, this film is to underground and indie horror fans. First The Banshee Chapter and now this, 2014 is going to be a great year for horror. This film is very and I mean very highly recommended. This is the kick in the balls and hole indie horror has needed.

10 out of 10

  • James DePaolo

    Speaking of which..I had a talk with Shepis today…we may be doing something with her very soon….very very soon..knock on wood…thanks so much

  • Michael Harrelson

    Tiffany Shepis is always Amazing!