Movie Review-Voodoo Possession


Coming to you on January 14th

Review-When did seeing Danny Trejo above a film become such a kiss of death? I just got to review the new Machete film and that is supposed to be his proverbial bread and butter and I felt myself bored by that film. In all fairness, you get Trejo in bits and parts when they watch an incident that happened that may have triggered a disappearance. First off, that dvd cover is misleading to do not let this be the reason you may buy this film or want to see it, you will be severely letdown. I am not saying this is a bad film, because the first hour really tries hard but the last half hour could not help itself and really went overboard and killed whatever build the film tried to give us. Cody Chase has gone missing in Haiti. Without a clue as to what could have happened, his brother Aiden and a television crew go over there to find out the details and what happened in the hospital that he worked at. Thru a video the crew learns that Cody and Trejo knew that the hospital had a curse as patients were going missing and soon they learned that the patients were not sick or mental, they were scared. Well, Aiden soon enters a world of spirits that helps him relive most of the traumatic events of his youth and helps him try to figure out the mystery of what happened. This film in the first hour tries to help tell a cohesive story, and keep us involved with the use of mystery. You are never quite sure what is going in certain moments and they were hoping that this curiosity would keep you involved in this very poorly written film. The script in this film is pretty poor, but the use of Trejo and a few effects the film kept me involved wanting to see how this story would turn out. Which I will be honest, I feel like I got a good fucking in the last half hour. Gone was the storytelling and instead they tried to go over the top with just ridiculous imagery and holes in the plot that made me scratch my head as to who could have greenlit this film. It felt incomplete and really felt like in the end it knew it was bad and just wanted to get it over with like some kind of mercy killing. In an indie film that casts Trejo and his call it in performance was a positive, makes you wonder how bad this film is. I wish they would have kept the pace going, and at least respect the build they were trying to achieve, instead of hitting the gas and wanting to give us all it could in a half hour and let us be happy with it. I am not saying the film should have been longer, hell no god I could not sit thru any more than I did of this film. I am saying it should have been smarter, and more creative. A little thinking could have went a long way in the end.

3.5 out of 10