Movie Review-Vikingdom


Review- Vikingdom is a film that if it were not for a ton of other more successful films, would never even be conceived. I can just picture the board meeting; we want a film that can be sort of in the vein of a Zach Snyder venture. The budget as I read was reported at 15 million dollars, it had to all be for the 3D conversion which even though this film is in 2D, I cannot see 3D making this film any better. From the horrible set designs to the even worst wigs, this film is just a nightmare on the screen. The editing in this film is just horrible, that the film really has no pace, flow or direction. We frantically go from one scene to the next to the very next, without a care; without a story or even some kind of promise that it may get better. I am a huge Dominic Purcell fan and even his portrayal of the hero was just so yawn inducing and remote wanting to switch to television. The plot seems to have a lot of promise at first; you have Vikings and their allies who are sent to Hades to search for Odin’s horn which controls the rage of a ruthless god. You can tell that this film had some reshoots to get the 3D visuals, but the story goes on battles, demons and anything that looks inspired by 300. To explain the plot anymore would be going into spoilers, and I will not spoil this film but I will say if you spend the whole film sitting there trying to figure it out, you will hate yourself. I feel the film is misspelled, it should have been Vikingdumb. This film is such a wasted opportunity for all involved including the director. I hate films that finish their filming then decide to go back and convert it to 3D. The last GI Joe did it and it was awful, now this one did it and it is even worst. This film has little in terms of storytelling, little in terms of character development and most important nothing in terms of anything recommendable. This film would be recommended if you were thinking about suicide, this would bore you to fall asleep. I feel this film for all involved goes on their imdb credits more than anything they will brag about or put on their resume. This is another example of a filmmaker and a vision that is nothing more than giving us a flashy cover, and once you get into the film it is just a horrible parody and retread of other films that were not so great themselves. By the time the film got to the end, the only happiness I had is that I put the dvd in the box and put it in my collection and I will never have to see it again. I will not say this is the worst film I ever seen, because I can think of 100’s that are so far worse than this film. I can say though, that if you see this film you should be warned way in advance that you will not be happy you watched it.

2 out of 10

Far beyond generous…..this film should have been a zero to one..but it has some moments that I did watch and sort of had some kind of hope for.