Movie Review-Touch of the Devil


Review-Touch of the Devil is a film that really tries to think outside of the box but ends up being stuck in that box. This film does deserve credit for trying, if anything else this film is not boring, it does keep your attention. The plot is basically a house that is up for foreclosure with a guy who lives there who looks like the love child of Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and Keith Richards. The foreclosure agents put a family in the house that things start to get odd for the people. This film for an indie film has some great performances from the couple to the adopted daughter; all three really played their parts very good. The issue with this film is that the little you do get in this film in terms of horror or scary, wait let’s just say tense moments, they are few and far between and just do not really go over too well. I loved the scene when the walls started to bleed but it had no payoff to it. I mean, they took the indie film 101 model and tried to go outside of the perimeters, but this film needed to get the basics down first before trying to jump into those waters. This film needed more chilling moments, a pace that compliments the budget, this film seems at times to be in a hurry to finish or rush a scene, why? The next scene just feels the same way. I would say this film needed to slow down in moments, but why? This film needed something to get jumps, something to make people want to invest in watching it unfold. That again is not to blame the actors and actresses, they did their parts. This film cannot blame the budget; I just feel that they went for one direction that maybe they should have put more thought into it. Psychological thrillers on low budgets are easy to pull off; In the Dark did it on a 490.00 budget. This film it just seemed that they really did not have a clue how to scare us, but wanted to try. Again, I hate to fault this film it kept my attention and the people on screen are clearly very well at their crafts. But, this film is not the least bit scary or effective. The ending I felt was so campy, that it is worth to stick around to see what Iggy Pop is going to do. The film has heart, spunk and an awkward personality. I hate to be negative, but it was not scary. But, I feel some fans may like the story aspect of it more than say me. All in all, an effort that I think will spark another that will have better results. I do not want to give it a Numbers review…but I want to say watch the trailer on their facebook page, if this looks like your cup of tea who knows it may be. I will hold my judgement for their next offering.