Movie Review-The Banshee Chapter


Coming to home video Feb 4th

Review-Banshee Chapter has my vote for best horror film of 2014. Banshee Chapter is a found footage film that follows the Mind Control US Military Programs of the 70’s. Our main character is Anne Roland who is looking for her long lost college friend James Hirsch. We learn in the beginning of the film or in the case of the film, when they start the documentary they are filming that he experimented with a secret government drug and during the filming of the effects he disappears. His cameraman is the first one blamed for the disappearance but within 48 hours he vanishes also. Roland is out to get answers as to what happened. In her journey for the truth she sees a tape that shows her what is going on with this drug James experimented with that the US Government has that uses the subject as a receiver for them to let beings in and thru their minds and that the subject lives in fear and paranoia, till they disappear. All this leads her to Thomas Blackburn who is like Hunter S Thompson. Things change for Roland when during a talk with him, she is slipped the drug and now she has to figure out how to stop this and find James. What makes the film work is that it is so smart, it uses horror effectively. This film felt like The Ring in the mood of the film, and it delivered like The Conjuring in the use of jump scares. This film wants to scare the hell out of you, and it does it effectively. Like Naomi in the Ring, Katia Winter who we know as playing the stripper Nadia on Dexter really gives you a star making performance. When you see the patients go thru these experiments it is so well done that you sit there and bite your nails and know something is coming, and when it does it still gets to you. Ted Levine playing against character as Thomas Blackburn really worked. One moment he has you laughing and then next you are thinking what this mental case can do next. This film sucks you into this hell, and it grabs you by your throat and forces you to watch. This film manipulates the viewer with images and moments that makes you think you understand and know what is going on, and then thrusts you into another direction. This is proof like Sinister and The Conjuring from the last few years that good horror is most effective when it simple and makes the mind the tool for fear. This is an image, what do you feel? This film builds a suspense just off a story that has elements of reality, and we could picture being real. Who knows what happens in abandoned buildings with our Government leading experiments into guinea pig prisoners? To beat this film as best film of 2014 will be hard, this film just delivers so much from the script, to the characters to just the horror you watch happen in front of you. The Banshee Chapter is for real, and my god this film needs to be seen to be believed. Films like this are why people like me are horror fans.

10 out of 10