Movie Review-Thanatomorphose


Review-The beauty of the filmmaking experience is that you sit back and let yourself go into worlds or be manipulated by images, and get lost inside the art that is being displayed to you on screen. A film like Thanatomorphose puts you in a place that is not comfortable, and as the film goes on makes you question if this could really happen to oneself, and how would we deal with it. The horror genre has many chapters in it, the found footage, the slasher, the survivalist, and so much more but when it comes to the body horror that is the risky one in my book. To pull off the process of a skin eating bacteria, a disease or even a substance coming into play deforming or changing our norm really has to be done just right for people to buy into it. A film like Thanatomorphose it is not only done right, but it is downright scary with how far they go down this road to get us to get squeamish or try to blink. The film is told to us in chapters, like despair and other titles and involves a young woman whose flesh starts rotting. The film opens with two naked people, a guy and a girl and after a very awkward few words back and forth the guy steps on a nail. So after she heals him up, the next day things start to change for her. The rotting process actually is a slow build; the director played it smart and knew that was the selling point so the pacing of the film was genius. They handled each part of her process with genius and precision. I can tell this was very low budget, because most of the film the cast did not even have clothes on. All jokes aside, the effects and makeup work in this film was amazing, they really trusted the actress a lot in the role because she makes the viewer reacts. At first she does not think much of it, but when it gets serious, you really put an emotional feel into her innocence and trying to understand what is going on. While there was not really much in terms of script or dialogue, this film is more of a visual nightmare for the viewer. You sit there and you wonder how you would deal with this happening to oneself. The negatives to this film I just felt the film had some slow scenes that did not fit in. The other negative was at times I felt the woman really did not sell her predicament logically. I feel if it was one of us in the early stages, we would have done some things different. Those are just really small gripes, because once this film starts to show what it is capable of doing, it really is an emotionally hard to watch fist fuck that worked for me. I felt bigger budget films could learn a thing or two from how this film really worked. Where most other films would dilute it with overacting or overdoing it on effects and makeup, this film was subtle and really gave you an emotionally hard to watch little gem.

8 out of 10