Movie Review-Sorority Party Massacre


February 11, 2014..the party comes home

Review-Sometimes being a horror fan is frustrating; you go into a film wanting to be scared, entertained and ready to have a blast. Sorority Party Massacre is such a failed opportunity. This film in terms of script and dialogue is just horrible, in terms of direction and pacing even worst. This film I felt as I kept watching suffers from an identity crisis; it tries at times to be horror, then bad comedy, then sex comedy, then drama. The one thing this film did get right it failed on all four of the tries, and each fail was worse than the one before it. The film opens with almost a serious imitation of Scream. You have the young girl on her way to the sorority house and she needs directions. She gets a phone call and finds out that she is being stalked, and that she cannot leave because her truck now all of a sudden will not start. It results a death by acid that was decent enough to make the casual horror fan want to see what comes next. Well, a warning shut the film off after the scene because everything after it is horrible. We find out the Police Captain who is played by Kevin Sorbo is the father to the girl who was killed. He sends his most bad ass troubled detective to go look for her because Sorbo cannot get a hold of her on her cell. The issues with this film are easy; no one put any creative thought into it. This film was so lazy, uninspired and tried so hard to confuse the audience with the 30 twists it had, that I feel they confused themselves more than the audience. This film’s interpretation of storytelling is throwing a music video together that served no purpose. The people in this film die before they serve a purpose and when twist one happens, it makes no sense why they would go in that direction, till the second and third appear which really make no sense at all. This film has an hour and forty minute plus running time which I felt was far too long for this film to play out. This film could have went 80 minutes and been a little more effective, but I felt the film had little direction, and instead of making each scene matter or add up to a payoff, it just tried to milk scenes that clearly served no purpose. The ending sequence with two people who have a fear of both water and drowning to fight in the open ocean was ridiculous. And why they were fighting was even more ridiculous. A film like this I am just floored it was green-lit and distributed. A film like this is not for horror fans who take this genre seriously, this is for fans of the genre who watched and loved the remake of Prom Night and thought Paranormal Activity was the second coming. Serious horror fans avoid this film and if anyone tells you different, just consider the source.

2 out of 10