Movie Review-Scorned


Review-Scorned is the story of Sadie, whom we learn in the beginning and scattered throughout the film is a troubled and mentally disturbed young lady on the inside while beautiful on the outside. The film opens with her boyfriend Kevin tied up, and Sadie knowing that he has been cheating on her with her best friend Jennifer. The film then goes back a few days so we can see the events that led up to this. We watch as Sadie thinks Kevin is taking her away for the weekend to propose to her after only a few months together, but her friend Jennifer knows in her mind that Kevin is going to dump Sadie for her or at least that is what she had been told to believe from Kevin. The film does seem to veer off into a subplot which involves a male escape prisoner who is on the loose. While the prisoner does not come into play till the last half of the film, I felt even knowing the payoff to the build, it was wasted. This film is directed from Mark Jones who has a history of making low indie horror films like Leprechaun, Triloquist, and Rumpelstiltskin.The film ventures into torture porn when Sadie decides to get her revenge on her best friend and her boyfriend. I thought while the formula was the same of every revenge scorned ex-lover film, that this had its moments that were really fun. Billy Zane playing Kevin was camp enough, if there is any question why every seemed to go on to bigger and better things after Titanic and Zane seemed to be lucky to stay afloat should watch this film for a good idea why. His acting is so cheesy, and his delivery is so wink wink that you just find yourself having fun with how bad he is acting and hamming it up. AnnaLynne McCord as Sadie is the star and she really her work cut out for her, trying to convey emotion and feeling against Billy Zane and Viva Bianca playing Jennifer. Sadie really puts fear into the male community with her innocence till provoked style, that you really do not see her change and turn coming, it just happens. I thought the film really had an odd direction, at times it felt like a revenge thriller, and at others it felt like a horror film on how far Sadie will go to make them pay. The criminal escape element just felt like a wasted opportunity, I feel they had this vision on what the audience would think, but when it plays out we really wish it would not play out. The film also at times has a dark sense of humor, like a scene that involves the police and Jennifer, that was so morbid it was funny. This is one of those films that you have seen a million times before on Lifetime, minus the cussing and blood. The only reason I would tell you to see this is just for the minuses, the blood, cussing and performance of Sadie. Do not think when I say torture porn we are going to get Hostel or Saw like, this is mild stuff. Shocked that there was no nudity in this film, a ton of suggestive scenes but they kept it clothes on soft core. I would say if you’re curious you may get into it, you could do a lot worst.

6 out of 10