Movie Review-Revolution 666


Review- Films like this are the new face of Indie Films, and again in 2014, where budgets no longer matter and people have to show what they can do with their imaginations and passion. The plot of this film is pretty unique; you have a popular disc jockey named Freddie Curtains, who gets song a cd that says Revolution 666 on it. So, like all disc jockeys that do not adhere to the FCC he decides to play the song. Unbeknownst to him and everyone in this city, he seems to have awoken a zombie called “the walrus”. As this zombie in his blind rage is killing anything that crosses his path, a Charlie Manson-inspired cult want that disc from the disc jockey and will stop at nothing to get it. As the film plays on we realize that there is a lot of Beatles references in this film as the song was written by a popular “fab four” and it is their classic lost track. (Not to mention The Walrus and the Helter Skelter feel of the gang) This is one of those films that if you know what you are getting into, you may like it more than someone expecting something this film is not. The film is very low-budget and has a few glitches here and there, but the heart and passion was there. The acting in this film is very camp and cheese-level. The kills were so campy and low budget that you have to sit back and just either embrace it, or eye roll it. The positives to this film is that the film flowed pretty well, there is no down time to this film or a scene that went too long. This film just had a vision and let it go, and at times the vision does get a little badly acted or poor effects but I felt that it could also be seen as a positive as well. Low budget films that sit there and tells you to take them the way they are, and does not try to think outside of its own budget or reach, you have to respect. This film is by no means a classic but I feel for one watch, it is not that bad. I wish this story had more backstory or some kind of past with the zombie or the gang, but I realize that this film is just here for the purpose to give me a quick fix of cheese, and then to go away. The ending of the film is Indie 101, to give you an ending that will put a smirk on your face or make you realize this director or concept may not be going way. I know people will say well you bash this film or that film, and then for the same reasons you bash those films you like this film. The difference is there is no actor in this film who overdoes it, who tries to think they are going for an Oscar. This is a bunch of people who got together for the sole purpose to have fun, and I felt this film is a lot of fun and I love anything that shows me some thought. They put a ton of thought into the direction of this film. All in all, this was not so bad but it was not a great film either. It is watchable for one time.

6.5 out of 10