Movie Review-Reel Zombies


Review-Reel Zombies has to be the biggest surprise in quite a few months. When I saw Harold’s Going Stiff a while back I started to fall in love again with the zombie horror comedy genre. I review a ton of bad zombie comedies, so it is easy to get burnt out on this genre. So when a film like Reel Zombies arrives I am suspect till I get into it and then I have fun. That is what this film delivers, fun. This film is the fictional story of a pair of hapless indie directors named Mike and David, who have made a string of horrible zombie films titled Zombie Night 1 and 2. After 2, they were not certain what their futures would be, until they came across the making of footage and realized it was better than the actual footage for the film. Reel Zombies goes into the making of Zombie Night 3 with such sharp humor and such a fun premise, they are filming the footage during an actual zombie apocalypse. Where a film like Bill Zebub’s Indie Director was a serious at times demented look into a darker side of low budget filmmakers, this is a hilarious look into the world. The film works best when the guys admit to their faults and how bad the film is. The film basically takes the curtain down from a production and shows us a mock version of what it is like to make a film like this. You get the two directors who have a round table meeting to try and get people to see their vision of making this film to the bad acting and women using their breasts as a way to get in the film. The twist to the film is that the real zombies attack the cast and crew, and the guys have to fight this situation to get the film finished. Which leads to some very smart humor that I felt owed a lot to films like Spinal Tap and early Albert Brooks films. The film has so much going for it, that you look at the cover and assume that this is going to be some dumb low budget comedy that is like all the others, and once you watch it, you find yourself being sucked into this story and laughing your ass off. The last ten minutes of this film is such a great payoff and ending for this film, that all who invest their time in this film will smile gleefully with. This film for being 6 years old did not feel dated. This film is highly recommended for all indie zombie fans. This film is highly recommended for all indie comedy zombie horror fans. This film is recommended for people who repeat view Spinal Tap and think they do not make films like that anymore. This is a gem of a film that I feel could be a cult classic in the vein of Shaun of the Dead.

8.5 out of 10