Movie Review-Purgatorium


Review- Purgatorium takes the premise of 5 strangers that awaken in a strange place together who have to try and piece the puzzle as to why they are there. Like Identity mixed with the tone of Twilight Zone, Travis B. Miller throws us into a story that really tries very hard. This film deserves credit for the puzzle they give the viewer, the answers to this film are not simple, and they make the viewer have to stick with the story for the payoff. This film I really wanted to like this more than I did, not to say this is a bad film, it is just an underwhelming film. I feel the characters themselves try very hard to convey mystery into their actions and word, but they seem to lack conviction and passion. This film offers the viewer some creepy moments to keep your attention, but the story just felt like it was incomplete. While the film seemed to be about characters going thru this emotional maze of questions and panic, the film felt it was going in circles in terms of a script that needed a little more punch to it, and delivery that needed some passion to it. This film has some decent actors, but they really seem to be unable to make the words and actions mean more than a passing thought. The payoff to the film I felt was an easy way out, and really should have meant so much more. I mean, a part of me suspected it from some of the hints, but it got so confusing towards the end that a mainstream film fan will be more puzzled than entertained. If this film was not going for mainstream appeal, I felt it was too similar to so many other films that art house fans may want to see the other films over it. I hate to keep harping on the negatives, because this film does try hard. They have a few scenes that got me on the edge of my couch wanting to see how it would turn out, and I felt even though the payoff was lacking, I still enjoyed watching it play out. I feel this film has the right intentions and has its heart in the right place. For me, which really sucks to dislike the film, because I felt the negatives were because of the budget more than any shortcoming. I love the hidden clues this film gives us as to something we need to keep watching to figure out. I felt that people trapped in a place and trying to figure it all out is still a concept that works for me, I love the puzzle films that make me put my head to work and figure it out before it explains it to me. This film was an ok attempt that I feel some people may like, some will dismiss and others like me will be on the fence about. I am dying to see what they can do with a serious budget and time, I feel this film is a step in the right direction but as much as I hate to say it, I cannot recommend it.

4 out of 10