Movie Review-Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy [Blu-ray]


January 21st the nightmare finally hits blu ray

Review-Nightmare on Elm Street introduced the world to the dream-stalking boogeyman Freddy Krueger. I remember when this first hit the multiplex in the 80’s, we seen the Jason’s and Michaels, but we finally seen the alternative being Freddy. Freddy did not need to carry a weapon; he had a hand with claws on it. He did not need to stalk you in the woods or in a hospital; he stalked you in your dreams. If you dreamed of him killing you, you were dead in real life. Freddy like all things that catch on had numerous sequels, had a duel against Jason, and even made its star Robert Englund a household name. Never Sleep Again is a retrospective of this franchise told by the stars, and people who either were in some part of the making or people who were fans of it. Running a little over 4 hours, there is nothing that this documentary seems to leave out. This documentary was made by fans for the fans. They have seen in the past how others seem to get lesser people to speak out on it, or tell you things you did not care about and skip things you did. This film does not throw together some cliff note quotes and just touches the surface; they give you every part and every question you could possibly want to ask, answered. Now when I tell you guys it is four hours, believe me the time went by so fast and kept my attention. This film plays out like a book on tape that you want to just sink into the discussion and not leave. This documentary balances serious with some light humor that really keeps a level to this film that a fan almost feels like they are being talked to, not being talked over. Out of the 4 hours runtime, the first film gets the most screen time talking about it. If you thought you knew everything from dvd extras or director commentary, there are pieces and bits that were very informative that I did not know. There seems to be a rule these days that I saw in Crystal Lake Memories that people are honest about how bad the sequels were, or how that was not the idea they brought forward. Here, Craven is honest and blunt about his feelings on some of the sequels, and the fights that happened with Part 3 and what a fucked up time working on Part 4 was. The funniest bit to me was when they talked about Part 2, and some of the scenes that were taking the wrong way. Never Sleep Again is beyond a must buy, if you are a fan of the franchise, or just an all-around horror fan this film is going to keep your interest and probably have you seeking out other documentaries. This blu ray is a must buy.

9.5 out of 10