Movie Review-Machete Kills


Coming to your home on January 21st

Review-Robert Rodriguez 2014, I am not sure where his head is going to be for Sin City 2. Robert 2009-2013, I am not sure where his head has been. Do we blame Grindhouse for this? It seems to me each time I watch one of his film nowadays I feel a tug on my wallet while the people on screen smile in my face. When did Machete start to feel like all of Trejo’s direct to home video other films? I was a fan of the first film somewhat, but this film I am starting to feel like both Rodriguez and Trejo need to take a break and get refreshed and get hungry again. The first problem I had with this film is that it apparently has an identity crisis. It tries to be the grindhouse cheese that is out for revenge character, and then along the way he changes into a James Bond like character. Rodriguez tries so hard to do so much with so little, that during the film you just can see the cracks in this ship. I feel the purpose of some of the scenes was to be a joke that we would have fun with, and while some die hard brain dead action fans will not mind, fans who want a little more or had expectations may be a tad letdown. I feel at a running time of over 90 minutes, this film does grow tiresome. This film has no issue with how camp it will go. You have Charlie Sheen (Carolos Estevez) and Mel Gibson in roles that seem to be mirroring their real lives. I get that Machete is billed as this Mexican hero or James Bond type, but I just feel that writing a brain dead script does not favor to help establish our hero. The script needed to be darker, more comical and biting. Danny Trejo is in this rut right now that all his roles all feel like they shadow this character, but what happens when this character feels dull and uninspired? This time Machete is recruited by our government to take down an arms dealer who is hiding in Mexico. This is Machete’s return to Mexico in a long time. He is there looking for Mendez who has a missile aimed at Washington. He also has company in the form of Amber Heard who looks like she could cause me an expensive divorce. Along the way Machete of course has a bounty on his head, and it brings out every evil threat like Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara among others. Now, if you knew those two were gunning for you, how fast would you run? This film has a few positives as well, but I felt that this story which we are heading towards Machete in Space in 2015 should have stopped at the fake trailer. I wish the Rodriquez who emerged with El Mariachi would return, with that flair and passion. The Machete Kills film should be seen at least once, it offers a little to keep the mainstream fan somewhat smiling. I pray Sin City 2 is more creative, passionate and just going to bring back the man who once was supposed to be the future of this industry. This lazy storytelling and phone in performances only go so far, and I feel they should have ran their course long ago.

5.5 out of 10