Movie Review- Frankenstein: Day of the Beast


Review-When I first heard someone describe this film as Hammer-inspired, I was stoked. We all know the story of Frankenstein, this film you can say is loosely based on it. You just know from the get-go this film has so much heart and passion going into it at times, that while the acting at times is not the best, at least they are trying to compensate for it with other things. This film I feel suffers on the small screen (or in my case the computer screen) because this film is meant for a crowd around midnight in an old grindhouse type theater. If anything else one can call this the more mature retelling because it relies some on sexuality (while no graphic nudity) and some decent blood and gore work.(still with no graphic nudity) As for the actual film and plot, the film opens with a married couple visiting the man’s family. As the opening plays out, the bride goes into the woods and is attacked by a beast. The beast after that kills everyone else. The opening segment to me had some good kills, but the dialogue and acting was lacking. I know this is low-budget, but even for low-budget this film needed a little more passion in the dialogue, it just felt like a reading for roles more than acting. As the film plays it takes the story of Frankenstein and modernizes it. The plot basically just is so kinetic and seems to be jumping around that after the opening sequence the rest of the film is like a roller coaster. So if you are out for a film with substance or cohesiveness, you may be letdown. As the film plays on we witness a marriage between Victor Frankenstein and the lovely bride and his cousin Elizabeth, the feel and mood of the wedding describes the whole film in a nutshell, it was odd but yet I was compelled to see how it would play out. Soldiers have been hired to protect the bride against the mystery of the enemy that he is willing to sacrifice his own men to. This online screener is to blame for the negatives I am talking about now, the picture at times was a little fuzzy and cloudy, and the audio was at times a bit off. The main positive to this film is that there is very little computer generated effects. I hate that everyone puts such a heavy reliance on computer generated over hand made. Let’s be realists here, this film is far from perfect as I have told you but if you have no expectations or a diehard fan of the history of Frankenstein I think you may dig it. You will not get the castles, landscapes, set designs or a lot of the monster/beast. What you do get is a different take on a legend that takes their little budget and at least gives it a good try. This film instead of the relationship of former films of father and creation son, this one focuses on jealousy between the creation and his father’s lover. Where at times in this film, you think of Elizabeth more as a trophy then a human. Elizabeth is played by indie darling Michelle Shields, and she is played with so much depth and different layers. One minute she seems vulnerable and the next she is toughened up. Where Victor is also played with so much energy, while the acting at times is not the best, the emotion he puts out in some key scenes really strikes a chord and works to help the film flow. All in all, this is not your parents Frankenstein and thank god for it. I can offer a mild recommendation, it had the heart and work to make casual fans take notice.

7 out of 10