Movie Review-Escape Plan


Get Ready Feb 4th

Review-Sylvester Stallone plays Ray Breslin, who works for the federal bureau of prisons. Ray’s job is to figure out a way to break out of prisons. Ray has his team Abigail and Hush, along with his partner Lester. In the opening we watch Ray make easy work out of breaking out of his 14th prison. Lester tells Ray of a deal with the CIA, for 5 million dollars they want to lock Ray up in a prison that is off the grid that is supposedly unbreakable in terms of escaping. Ray takes the job against his team’s wishes and within minutes, things start to get odd. Ray does not get picked up, he gets abducted and they take out his tracker so his team has no idea where he is going. Ray also gets a few Taser shots to keep him unconscious. When Ray comes to he realizes this is not what he bargained for, in terms of how off the grid and high tech this prison is. Ray realizes if he is going to break out, he needs a partner. Emil Rottmayer played by Schwarzenegger is that person. They start to form a bond and together are out to try and break out of his prison. Escape Plan is a fun film, and at times comes across as really intelligent. They use the Sherlock Holmes patterns when Ray breaks down the layout and floor plans of a prison. The first hour of the film was really well done; it had a good pace and basically delivered what you would expect from these two stars. It played Stallone as the underdog you get behind and Arnold as the cocky wisecracking sidekick. The last half hour of this film gets very silly, in terms of the action sequences and dialogue. There are plenty of scenes in this film that both have to say corny and cheesy one-liners that really are eye rolling bad. I thought Jim Caviezel playing Hobbes was his best role since Outlander. He plays this warden as a cut-throat take no shit cold calculating villain. The cat and mouse element between Hobbes and Ray really made this film work in terms of keeping a suspense and had you guessing who will trump who as each scene played out. I feel right now with Arnold and Sly that unless it has a number behind it, or may reboot a franchise that the public really are not into them. Bullet to the Head flopped, The Last Stand flopped, Grudge Match flopped, and this film flopped. I feel that Bullet to the Head and Last Stand were some of both of their stronger works. I feel Escape Plan if this was released in the 80’s would have been in the Avatar numbers. I feel this is a strong film and fans of both would enjoy it for the most part. I just felt that the last half hour needed more attention and work. It just felt like the rushed so much and then threw us those dumb curve balls that had no substance or impact to really make us care. Escape Plan does come across as dated at times, and I guess you can blame both actors with trying to recapture their glory days. This film was fun, I just felt it went a little too long and that the last half just felt like passing thoughts more than any kind of substance.

7.5 out of 10