Movie Review-Dreamworld


Review-Dreamworld is that quirky little romantic art house film that comes out and is billed as a chick flick but guys walk out enjoying it just as much. I am shocked this was not part of the Tribeca label or Fox Searchlight, this has their flavor all over it. Shot on a very small budget that this film all relies on its two central characters to bring fans into this story. The acting in this film is so natural, and the script so fresh and different that I found myself really into this story of Oliver and Lily. This story is about two souls who are in different places in life but are so lost that they find out thru the journey that fate brought them together to save each other. Oliver is at a dead end job with his life in neutral; his dreams are to pursuit doing animation for Pixar. The film opens up with him being shot down in an interview to try and get his foot in any animation door. He hangs out with his lesbian best friend one night at an art show and while he is just hanging around he meets Lily. Lily is a ball of energy and passion that she talks him into taking a trip to meet her friend who works at Pixar. On this road trip, life stops for them as they find out more and more about each other and start to form a bond. The first hour of this film is beautiful, it is so awkward and quirky, the script so refreshing and characters so well acted. The music and the scenery really capture the sadness, passion and high that this film achieves in each shot. These are characters that are flaws, have shortcomings, genuinely give you so much into each motion and word that comes out of their mouth. The last half hour for me, was when the film had some issues. You knew the film had to have a catch that not all things are perfect, but to think that Lily had this going on, then that and then that…it just felt like it was too much. Maybe, let one issue be the center, not that she had so many issues and they wanted us not to feel compassion for her character. It was like they wanted us in the first hour to cheer this relationship, then in the last hate that he is still so in love with her and she is something else. The last ten minutes of this film tried to wrap it all up in a pretty bow. Which the last shot of the film was bittersweet and brought tears to me because it was so promising but yet had a dark cloud of uncertainty over it. I would say that both actor and actress deserve so much credit for pulling off this film, the side characters like Lily’s ex and Oliver’s lesbian friend all gave the story a little glue to keep the emotion in it. They interjected a little cruel humor later in the film that I felt did not balance the film, but did at least keep me laughing with a fist fight between two nerdy guys that looked like it was Big Bang Theory inspired. At the end, this is that film that men will write down lines in this film and use them at the bar to pick up the last call drunk, or that two people walking around will recite while waves crash on their sunset. The film while not perfect was really a great discovery that I cannot recommend enough.

8 out of 10