Movie Review-Collision


Coming Jan 28th


Review-After Live Free or Die Hard, David Marconi took a break from writing, directing or working on films, now 6 years plus later he returns this time in the director’s chair as well as writing the film with Collision. The problems that plagued the Live Free or Die Hard film seem to be plaguing this one as well. The film is built around the premise of a collision which happens very early in the film. We open the film with a married couple Scott and Taylor Dolan, who you can tell are not the happiest in love people. The wife seems like she is overly controlling and the guy seems so pre-occupied with his job. While on vacation in Morocco they decide to rent a jeep and take a trip thru the desert. Well while relaxing and driving around they realize they are being followed by another truck. Scott who is overly paranoid assumes this truck is out to kill them, and decides to speed up. Well, the truck that follows them starts to try and do just that, kill them. Well after a high speed pursuit in the desert, they jump a little hill and on the other side is some people who are stranded, and the collision happens. Now, both Scott and his wife are stranded along with some other local people and the guy who was trying to kill them. The issues with this film is the pacing, they have the collision so early in the film that makes you wonder why did they name this film after it? The majority of the film is all these people trying to figure out each other and surviving in the desert. For me, everything happens too fast. Which we may be heading towards mild spoilers, because there is no way you can talk about this film without spoiling something. This film has around 20 twists and turns that it got to be so confusing. The collision itself was pretty good; it was a good scene that really built up a lot of possibilities and promise. The stories as they started to unfold just felt so desperate, like they wanted to try and outsmart the audience. My issue was not that I was outsmarted, but it makes no sense. Case in point is to why later in the film when the big reveal happens, why did the collision even happen? You know you are stranded in the middle of the desert, why waste water so much on things like trying to save a burning victim or trying to entice a guy? If your main reason for being stuck there was for revenge, why are you attacking another person instead of who you are after? Why not just take care of it there and leave them for dead? The last twenty minutes of this film is just so much like the 4th Die Hard film, let’s tie all the loose ends together no matter if it makes sense or not really fast. The lack of character development hurt that ending, the lack of direction made it seem impossible that it all could happen and end so fast. The situation in the desert never seem like a care or concern, no one dwelled on the fact that it is 110 degrees and they are stranded, instead they cared about what each other were doing and why they are there? This just makes little to no sense, but then again films like this if you put thought into them, you hate yourself more. The film for the most part was not boring and flowed pretty well, but it is so flawed and so many things that question my logic. I am stranded with my wife in the middle of nowhere and it is the middle of summer, I would panic. I would not want to know if she is cheating on me, or how she intends to exploit me, or what anyone else is doing out there with us. I am going to assume they are shit out of luck like me. It may be worth a rental, but I would say go into it with no expectations.

6 out of 10