Movie Review-Black Water Vampire


Coming out January 21st

Review-How much you will like The Black Water Vampire all depends on how much you like found footage films. For this genre the plot is pretty standard, you have the opening being part of a police tape from January 5th 2003. We watch this tape as police discover the body of a missing young woman named Millicent Barnam. We find out thru the investigation in the opening that she has been missing for two weeks. Upon discovery of her dead body, we find a symbol on her skin and teeth marks around her neck that the police assume was a wild animal. The police at the time thought the case was pretty easy as they convicted Raymond Banks for the crime. In addition to Millicent, we learn that thru the years there have been many more missing women. We fast forward now to a documentary crew headed by Danielle Mason who think that Raymond is innocent and want to go investigate what went down in the area of Fawnskin, and most importantly Black Water. This film has the build and pacing of the Blair Witch Project. The story it tried to tell just felt like we have seen it so many times before. The police tape to build up our interest, then we go to the video taping of the adventure our crew takes that they really talk in circles and just really have very little to keep us interested. The camera crew for a few minutes goes to the locals and does the “do you know the story” type of deal that the people they interviewed just really felt like they were reading off a piece of paper and lacked any conviction or passion. When Danielle interviews the supposed killer Raymond it just felt like they were trying to capture our attention and went for any line or emotion that could keep us, but neither of them involved had the talent to pull it off. In keeping up with Blair, they go to camp out in the middle of the place and things start to change and they see people and places that would worry the normal person, but could keep them wanting to continue. This film for the first hour offers very little in terms of scares, but offers a ton in imitation and talk. This last twenty plus minutes does offer a little more and it gets a little better and picks it up a little, but not enough to recommend this film. This film just felt like a wasted opportunity by all involved. We will make Blair Witch with a Vampire twist to it, and we are going to be superstars. The actors involved were trying too hard, at what I am not really sure. Acting it was not, it was more like trying too hard to make us feel like we need to listen to their nonsense. Bill Oberst Jr. who is the name in this film, really was the only mild positive in the acting and making his role mean something. This film was lazy, a bad imitation and just flat out a lame attempt to cash in on a trend that should have died many years ago. Films like this are my job; I watch these films so you do not have to.

3 out of 10