Movie Review-Badges of Fury


Review-Badges of Fury on paper seem to have so much that fans can be excited for. That being said, this film wanted to be a goofy dumb comedy that fans of Li, Zhang and Chen would flock over. This film starts off with some promise you have Jet Li playing the partner to rookie Zhang as they go thru Hong Kong on the trail of a serial killer. This film could have worked as a cop thriller, and with all the elements involved in this film could have been a fast paced action juggernaut. Instead this film tries to rely on comedy which the humor is so flat and uninspired, that within thirty minutes people will start to want to shut it off. The victims are all identified as former loves of an actress named Liu Jin. Then throw in her sister Dai Yi Yi, and you have the basis of this film. Jet Li is maybe in this film a little over 25 minutes and his performance will make you wish he was in even less. This film has one issue, so many missed opportunities. This film had so much going for it in the trailer, but the actual film just ignores all that for some overdone story told with a sense of humor that I feel falls flat. The fights we do get in this film you just expect so much more from all involved. But, they are the positive to this film. We have a fight in stairwells that seem like every other fight in every other stairwell. There are so many odd things in this film, where if Li fight it seems like the cops just stop their jobs and have to fight also. The action sequences play off cartoonish, and I struggled to find the fury in this film. I see a ton of badges though. I know this is a first time director but he had so much help on set, that you expect so much more from him and this cast. By the end of the film, I was happy that the credits came. I really wanted to love this film and I am a huge fan of Jet Li, just am so letdown by his decisions like this. Jet Li gives you a certain amount of star appeal that you should be able to make a film work just around that man. This film tried to think it was some modern cop comedy and I wish it would have just lived up to the title and star billing.

3 out of 10