Movie Review-Bad Milo!


Review-Bad Milo is more fun than it deserves to be. You would think that a film about a creature that lives of someone’s ass, at tops could be a good short that the film could not work for a 90 minute film, but you would be mistaken. We meet Duncan; the film opens in a key scene that happens around the hour mark, where Duncan is trying to prevent Milo from coming in and attacking his wife. What could have made that happen? Well, the film rewinds and takes us to the back a few days when we learn that Duncan is suffering from very bad stomach pains. We assume at first it is just stress, his boss is a snake who seems to want Duncan do all the dirty work for him, and his wife is nagging him about children, and how bad she wants one. Things start to change once he sees his therapist; they discover that Duncan’s pain is caused by something inside of his ass. Milo seems to have a purpose, the people who cause grief to Duncan, Milo will go after and kill. This film had such a dark tone and very darker comedy, that while this film does deliver the gross humor you would expect, it does give you so many little curves that you are compelled to see how it plays out. The character of Milo is both evil and loveable. You would not think the ass creature would have so many sides to it. The film does seem to have a few moments that slow down the film, but this film has such a good sense of what it wants to say and accomplish. I felt all the characters in the film were very well acted, the script was funny but yet serious at the same time, where it has this balance that you are going to look past the blood and feces and see that the film is so much more substance. I felt Peter Stormare as the shrink stole the film from his dialogue to his motions, each scene he was in really he set out to steal it. This film is a throwback to the Basket Case’s, the Gremlins, and that entire ilk. The film is horror mixed with hilarious fun, blood and a couple of gross out moments. How many times can we watch the motions of a guy letting a monster crawl back in his ass? I feel horror fans from start to end will have a blast with this film.

8.5 out of 10