Metal Review: Vardan: …Dreaming …Living My Funeral (2013)

Vardan ...Dreaming ...Living My FuneralVardan is an Italian one-man operation of bleak, desolate black metal, and is a throwback of sorts to the classic black metal bands of days gone by. From the outset of “…Dreaming …Living My Funeral,” Vardan sets the icy atmosphere while he paints a portrait of despair and sorrow so dark and depressive that even the happiest of souls will wallow in misery by the end of this album. That is not a knock on how bad the album is, but rather a statement on the brutally honest truth that Vardan brings to the table.

With only four tracks consisting of nearly forty minutes, “…Dreaming …Living My Funeral” plays out well with each song being its own tale. Wandering Spirit is the track that I continuously return for its constant droning and repetitive riffs. Vardan’s vocals seem the strongest on …Dreaming (My End), but the drums sound horrible. Another one of my favorite segments is the intro to Cold Way to Exist with its ominous clean guitar layered over a classic black metal fast-picking riff.

Once again, Moribund Cult Records has come up with a nice little black metal gem that you need to check out, so pick it up and experience the despair that “…Dreaming …Living My Funeral” brings.

…Dreaming …Living My Funeral Track Listing:
1. Living My Funeral
2. Wandering Spirit
3. …Dreaming (My End)
4. Cold Way to Exist

Vardan Line-up:
Vardan – All instruments

Record Label: Moribund Cult Records