Metal Review: Schwarzer Engel: Psycho-Path DJ-single (2013)

Schwarzer Engel In Brennenden Himmeln

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German goth metal band Schwarzer Engel recently offered something very special for all gothic and metal DJs as well as for their fans with the free download of their Psycho-Path DJ-single. The song has been taken from the band’s recent album “In Brennenden Himmeln,” which is simply an ass-kicker.

I will be the first one to say that any club that would play either version of the song is awesome in my book. The album version of Psycho-Path is special already, but the club version of the track adds that extra techno edge that few bands have ever done properly. I am a fan of techno music rarely, but the heavy techno stuff is alright in my book.

Schwarzer Engel has been a breath of fresh air in the metal genre recently and this DJ-single is just another example of the nice things that we should expect from them.

Psycho-Path DJ-single Track Listing:
1. Psycho-Path (Club-Zerstörer-Version)
2. Psycho-Path (Album Version)