Metal Review: Fluisteraars: Dromers (2014)

Fluisteraars DromersDutch black metal trio Fluisteraars are going to release their debut release, “Dromers,” after two well-received demos. While their debut only contains three tracks, they are all lengthy with the opening track, De Doornen, even clocking in at 16:00.

Black metal, when done properly, works on atmosphere alone, and “Dromers” is all atmosphere from the outset of the album until its final note. The sound is quite raw, but does not sound like it was recorded on analog in a dingy cavern in the middle of nowhere. While I love the sound and feel of classic black metal with its unique sound, I also like sharply produced music that is done well.

The musicianship of the band should never come into question because this trio knows how to write a song. They know when to use melody and when to be agressive. And, while Fluisteraars translates to “whisper” in Dutch, the band screams their message across like an icy hymn of sorrow.

“Dromers” is built upon a traditional midtempo black metal feel with touches of speed and aggression. Kuddedier is an excellent example of how the band can switch gears at the drop of a hat without missing a beat nor sacrificing the atmosphere of the song.

Overall, Fluisteraars should be able to open some more eyes with the release of “Dromers,” and that is good news to me because word needs to get out about this Dutch up-and-coming powerhouse.

Dromers Track Listing:
1. De Doornen (16:00)
2. Kuddedier (10:21)
3. Wortels Van Angs (8:15)