Metal Review: Coraxo: Starlit Flame (2014)

Coraxo Starlit FlameFinland’s Coraxo has self-released their debut EP, “Starlit Flame,” after forming just a few months back in September 2013. “Starlit Flame” is said to be the start of an EP trilogy, and gauging from the feel of this EP, I am eagerly anticipating the next two. Their industrial metal sound is felt throughout the entire release spanning 6 original songs and a Sepultura cover of Refuse/Resist.

The first 6 tracks are strong with a nice science fiction theme throughout the lyrics and effects while keeping the focus on the heavy riffs. The running time of over 28 minutes makes it a nice-sized EP also. The standout, if I had to pick one, would be Xenotaph, but the songs are all pretty good. The weakest track on the album is actually the cover of Sepultura’s Refuse/Resist, but only for the fact that the band did not open the song up too much. It was primarily a straight cover song with very few alterations made to the classic thrash track.

Overall, Coraxo’s “Starlit Flame” is an album that I can get behind and feel very comfortable telling people to add it to their collections.

Starlit Flame Track Listing:
1. LV-426 J318.5-22
2. Signal Detected
3. Xenotaph
4. The Big Fight Scene
5. Transformed
6. Escape?
7. Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)

Coraxo Line-up:
Ville Vistbacka – Drums (Destination: Destruction)
Tomi Toivonen – Vocals, Guitars, Programming (Coma of Loss, Destination: Destruction)