Metal Review: Acheron: Kult Des Hasses (2013)

Acheron Kult Des Hasses

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Marking 25 years since their formation in 1989, death metal veterans Acheron are back with their latest effort “Kult Des Hasses.” After 2010’s breakup, I was surprised to see the band back at things. They have had a shaky line-up throughout their existence to say the least. On “Kult Des Hasses,” vocalist/bassist Vincent Crowley has been joined by longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the recording as a guest second lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck (Wolfpack 44, Electric Hellfire Club, Wolfen Society).

“Kult Des Hasses” was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Bad Back Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö of Unisound. Guest vocalists on the album include Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, The Grotesquery, Bone Gnawer), Jim Lippucci (Soulless), John McEntee (Incantation, Funerus), Jill McEntee (Funerus), Ash Thomas (Estuary, Faithxtractor) and Zdenka Prado (Estuary). The cover art for “Kult Des Hasses” was created by German artist Timo Wuerz and is one of the better album covers that I have seen in a long time.

Vincent Crowley’s focus for “Kult Des Hasses” was to get that classic sound from the 80s and early 90s without overproducing the album and he succeeded. The sound of the album is done exceptionally well. The band’s battery of Crowley and Severn drive the tracks with the guitar tandem adding that extra oomph that the albums needs. The guitar riffs are still apparent and heavy, so do not think that the album is all about Crowley.

The album opens with the longest track, Daemonum Lux, clocking in at just under 8:00. This is their opus of the album and pretty much sums up a lot of what the remainder of the songs will be. There is so much going on throughout the entire song. The guitar riffs are heavy. The leads are strong and the closing is brutal.

Satan Holds Dominion speeds things up a bit and adds some more nice along with some evil backing vocals. Songs like Raptured to Divine Perversion have such a nice groove built up within the song, but the true standout is Jesus Wept (Again and Again). The riffs and grooves going on here are astounding.

The album just keeps going on and on with one brutal track after another. Check out the chorus and double bass on Thy Father Suicide as well as the amazing grooves in Whores and Harlots.

Overall, Acheron has been around for so long because of the quality of their music and “Kult Des Hasses” shows that the underground sensation is no weaker than ever. This would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

Kult Des Hasses Track Listing:
01. Daemonum Lux
02. Satan Holds Dominion
03. Raptured to Divine Perversion
04. Jesus Wept (Again and Again)
05. Thy Father Suicide
06. Misanthropic Race
07. Whores and Harlots
08. Asphyxiation (Hands of God)
09. Concubina Do Diabo
10. Devil’s Black Blood

Acheron Line-up:
Vincent Crowley – Vocals / Bass
Kyle Severn – Drums
Art Taylor – Guitars
Ricktor Ravensbruck – Guitars

Kam Lee – Vocals
Jim Lippucci – Vocals
Jill McEntee – Vocals
Ash Thomas – Vocals
Zdenka Prado – Vocals

Record Label: Listenable Records