Concert Review: Battle Beast: Henry’s Pub Jan. 4th, 2014

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Battle Beast is one of Finland’s newer metal bands having released their first album ‘Steel’ in 2012.  Soon after they released their self titled second album in 2013 with brand new singer Noora Louhimo.  Many times when a band has to replace a singer it can many times result in a disaster.  If a band has to replace a singer so early in their career, especially one that had such a distinct voice as Nitte Valo, it is especially dangerous.  However with the addition of Noora, Battle Beast not only found a singer that could fill the shoes of her predecessor but has been able to take the band to a whole new level, especially in a live setting.

Battle Beast is a band that plays a very traditional style of metal but with a very contemporary and fresh sound.  Their songs are filled with BIG catchy choruses, BIG Keyboards, BIG guitars and they contain a very stand up and fight attitude.  Take those elements and add in Noora’s raspy metal vocals and you have a perfect mixture of elements that can make for a well tuned metal juggernaut of a band.

When listening to Battle Beast from studio recordings you hear a very solid power/traditional metal band that has some damn catchy songs.  When you go and listen/watch  Battle Beast live you hear a band that will kick your ass and can REALLY bring their songs to life and live is where their songs reach their full potential.

I have notice some bands tend to be better in studio than in a live setting, some bands are equal in how they perform in studio and live and then there are those rare bands that are great in the studio and absolutely fantastic live.  Battle Beast is this rare band.  Hands down one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

Watching Battle Beast live offers a whole new experience when listening to their music.  The backing vocals and chants are much stronger and Noora’s vocals are really able to shine, almost as if in the studio they are somehow restrained but when on stage she lets out the full fury of her voice which compliments Anton’s vocals very well.  The energy the band puts out on stage is also phenomenal and really gets the crowd into their music which is already catered for crowd chants and fist pumping action.  Every member of the band has their own unique stage presence which is key to selling themselves to their fans live as well.  When it comes to stage presence the main focus is always going to be on the singer and how they conduct themselves to get the crowd into the music.  Again, Noora has nailed this aspect of her live show down to a sceince.  When I watch her perform I see a true show woman who knows how to work the crowd and she really knows how to hold herself on stage and she exudes a metal ATTITUDE that some singers could only dream of.

The band opened with ‘Let it Roar’ and for their entire set Battle Beast never let up the intensity.  Anton’s guitar work is amazing, Janne keyboard work in the songs really make the songs what they are even though they aren’t the main focus in all of the songs but they add that extra special touch and Pyry’s drumming is fantastic and not the typical power metal drumming of a constant double bass.

Battle Beast have all the best parts of what made heavy metal great in the 1980’s and all the modern sensibilities of what should make metal great in today’s world.  Their sound is deeply rooted in bands like Judas Priest and WASP but they do not sound as if they are stuck in a time warp.  Tuomas Halopainen of Nightwish was asked who he thought the next big Finnish band might be and he said he believed Battle Beast held the keys to the kingdom.  I have to say I believe him wholeheartedly.  Many times you hear people refer to celebrities as having the ‘IT’ factor which lead to them being famous.  Whatever ‘IT’ is, Battle Beast has ‘IT’.  They are a band that is stacked with talent from top to bottom and have only to claim their place in the metal kingdom when they want it.

Buy their albums and go see this band live if you have the chance.  They deserve all your support.

As a side note I got to spend some times with the band before show time and everyone in the band is very humble and down to earth which is great to see.  I spent a lot of time talking to Noora and she is a very relatable and easy person to talk to and it was nice talking to her about different subject matters.  I’m waiting for that Bonnie Tyler cover song ‘Holding Out for a Hero’!

Set List:
Let It Roar
Out In the Streets
Into the Heart of Danger
Show me How to Die
Golden Age/Kingdom
Black Ninja
Armageddon Clan
Iron Hand
Enter the Metal World
Out of Control

Concert Review: Battle Beast: Henry\'s Pub Jan. 4th, 2014











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