Agalloch Completes New Album

AgallochThe mighty Agalloch’s frontman John Haughm announced on his official Facebook page that the new Agalloch album is ready and mastered, the only thing left to do is to design the CD/LP cover art. I am ready for this release in the coming months. The new album will be the successor to “Marrow of the Spirit.”

Quote from his Facebook page: “Just got back from San Francisco where I was there overseeing the mastering of the new album. Nice to have the final press-ready master copies in hand and have that part of this beast off my back. Now to finish the LP and CD package designs…”

John Haughm has given regular updates on his page about the new album, including this: “I’m bringing back some of the ‘clean’ vocals on the new album. I’m going for a full range of layered voices. Hopefully I won’t fuck it up” and “Today in the studio, the words ‘this is starting to sound like a mixture of Landberk, Anekdoten, …and Bethlehem’ were uttered…”