Wrestling-YouShoot Balls Mahoney


Review-Sean Oliver and the Kayfabe Commentaries crew are back with yet another installment of their highly entertaining YouShoot series. For all of you who may be living under the proverbial rock, let me explain this series to you. Sean gets a wrestling talent to sit down and let fans ask them questions. Along the way Sean throws some of his curve balls like where he makes the guest tell us who they worked with are Whores and Dicks. Where they get selected names and have to give us some dirt and tell us if they were cool or if they are female if they slept around. Which let’s be honest, all us wrestling fans at the end of the day watch these shoot interviews for all the dirt we can get. This time around I am letdown, which is odd for this series. Balls Mahoney was boring and so long winded that his stories all seemed to run together and just tend to make it sound informative but came across as just bland. Balls Mahoney tells us his story from his humble beginning and try to make his ECW days come across like an afterthought. I mean it takes two to dance, and Sean tries his hardest to keep Balls focused and wants him to really come across, but he feels flat. I was one of those who watched that Face/Off series with Balls and New Jack that felt like they tried to work the fans to get them some spotlight. Where New Jack never fails to not entertain and open his mouth with no care or regrets, Balls just seems reserved and does not want to talk much about things we want to know, but more about things he thinks he wants us to know. To me, Balls never was that big a name for me to give two shits about what he thought about his career, I wanted to hear him shoot which he really failed to do in a way that could satisfy a non-fan. They do a Ouija Board deal on here that just falls flat, a taste test that falls flat and even the Dick and Whore segments just seemed so watered down that Balls was scared of being beat down or blacklisted in the business if he spoke up. Sean really tries and this does not fall on him, it is his subject that really does not connect with me. I am glad he told us all his stories and now I know even more about a wrestler that I cared very little about. I am such a huge fan of the YouShoot stuff, but this just felt like a long winded wrestling self-help video on how to bore a crowd and have them begging for a refund. On the positive side January 7th is more Jim Cornette which will make up for this. Plus in 2014, we have YouShoot with ICP coming which has me stoked just to see how hard people will be on them. Balls is a skip, but if you are a fan of his you may have not heard some of these stories, and feel compelled to watch.

3 out of 10