Wrestling Review-Timeline:The History of WWE 1993 as told by Lex Luger and Wrestling’s Most…Despised


Review-Kayfabe Commentaries is back with their popular Timeline series. This series is where they take a star and go back to a pivotal year in their career in a certain company. This time around it is 1993 and the emergence of Lex Luger in the WWF/WWE. Sean Oliver asks Lex Luger about dates and events from January to December of 1993 including the Lex Express, the short lived WBF and so much more. To get this out of the way, if you are looking for Lex to dish dirt and bury people, this is not your show. Lex gives us a ton of behind the scenes stuff that some may not know about what the inner workings of that company was at that time. To Luger’s credit, the man keeps the 110 minutes entertaining and moving. I found myself listening to his stories and really finding a new found respect for the man. 1993 was such a weird year for him, he left WCW while he was on top and came to the WWF as a bodybuilder for Vince’s pipedream the WBF. Before that could even get underway he had a near fatal accident that people were not sure if he could ever wrestle again. This was also the year when Luger went on the quest to unseat Yokozuna as the World Champ, including the bodyslam heard around the world. If you are a Luger fan this is a must buy shoot interview. If you are a wrestling fan, this is also a must buy shoot. You hear the man sit back and have fun, you get the feeling the whole time you are sitting there and he is talking right to you. If you are interested in this time era, this shoot is really essential. I wish it was longer and covered more than it did, but that is a small gripe.

8.5 out of 10


Review-We go from one type of shoot interview where the trash talking is absent but the history is deep. Wrestling’s Most….Despised is basically a top 5 list that was chosen by the fans as who they deem as the top 5 most despised and then a bunch of wrestlers give their thoughts on what you thought. The wrestlers and talent who discuss this list are Bill Apter, New Jack, Kevin Nash, Sunny, Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, X-Pac, Fit Finley, Vince Russo, The Sandman, and etc. As you can guess by the names on this list, you know what could come out of their mouths. New Jack like almost everything he does steals the show. New Jack has this personality that just makes you laugh and shocks you that he said it at the same time. New Jack does this Tony Atlas imitation while telling a deeply disturbing story on Tony that will have both scared to ever meet Tony Atlas but laughing your ass off. The list some may be shocked that some names made it and others did not, while others will feel justified with this list. This is 60 minutes of stories about 5 people that fans do not get along with on television or in stories they have heard. While to my surprise some of these names people defended and shined a new light on. It does not take a rocket scientist to guess who number one could be, but I feel without number one and two, wrestling would not exist today. All in all, this is short, fun and a welcome relief to the everyday shoot interviews.

8 out of 10