VHS Review: Surf Nazi’s Must Die



After “Mama” Eleanor Washington’s son is murdered by a gang of surfers, she busts out of retirement prison and arms herself with a pistol. No one in the waste of this post-apocalyptic beach can outrun the wraith that is big Mama Washington.

Any chance to see neo Nazi’s massacred by a scorned black lady armed with grenades is a golden chance for this Jew. It’s over-the-top, campy Troma fun with one-lines like, “Taste some of Mama’s home cooking, Adolf.” I actually kept waiting for Mama to comment on the Hitler wannabe’s ascot. Mama and her dialogue are easily the best scenes in this film. Her God awful laugh followed by, “Today is your lucky day!” almost had me gasping for air. Racial stereotyping, true. Racial stereotyping morphed into humor which makes it okay, very true. Think Blue Crush meets Class of 84′ only both those movies are ten times better, Class of 84′ especially.

The remains of California after a disastrous earthquake  do not include police or authority figures for that matter, to keep the criminals in check. But there are still nursing homes! The Nazi surfers run these beaches, forcing all the other gangs to join them or die. At the head of the Nazi table is Adolf with his ascot and poor speaking skills and a ridiculously hot bimbo Eva. How clever and original. Can you imagine sitting at this writer’s table? “What’s it about” He retorts, “I’m so glad you asked. It’s about killer Nazi’s who like to surf and get this…. There names are Adolf and Eva!”

The other gangs consist of Asians, carpenters, and Abercrombie and Fitch models. None of which have what it takes to join the Nazi gang. These surfers also know karate and cartwheels are carefully placed into their fight choreography. It reminded me of Ross from Friends and his ‘Dance Karate Lessons.’ The Nazi’s do have a tubular board that has a knife in place. It’s a switch board! Get it? However, there’s no bad ass chainsaw board like we see on the cover. False advertising!

I expected more gore for a Troma film though we get a throat slitting and a decent decapitation. There are many comedic performances, the usual amateur acting with some of the dumbest faces I have ever seen. For almost the entire duration of this film these actors look as if they don’t know what to do which is understandable considering how often the surf Nazi’s just stand around and bitch at each other. The dialogue is decent here and there. Elderly women call young hot bitches, “Bitches.” Along with having the best title on the planet, it has an amazing score padded with clips of surfing and sheer WHAT-THE-FUCK moments. All these things and more make Surf Nazi’s arguably one of the best Troma films of all time. Not everyone embraces Troma for what it is.