The Walking Dead: Episode 4.08: Too Far Gone (Mid-Season Finale) Review

The Walking Dead


The mid-season finale of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” entitled “Too Far Gone” has come and gone and we are left with a lot on our minds. First and foremost, we now have to wait until February for the end to season four. After the foreshadowing of major losses, we did indeed get them. I really wish that I could review episode 4.08 without spoilers, but it is just impossible.

Rick and Daryl finally discuss the Carol situation, and while Daryl does get upset, he is not nearly as upset as you would expect him to be. We will revisit this again at some point soon I am sure, but as of now, Daryl seems fine with Rick’s decision.

Shortly after this conversation, we are treated to the most tense 30 minutes of “The Walking Dead” ever as The Governor confronts the prison and arrives with his team by his side and a tank. Lots of conversation happens even to the point where Rick is ready to share the prison with him. Thoughts swirl through the viewers’ mind trying to envision this possibility, but before you know it, all hell breaks loose and the battle is on.

The battle begins with a haunting shot of The Governor slicing down Herschel with Michonne’s sword. There are some great scenes during this segment showing the prison’s reaction to this horrific event.

The biggest loss from the prison crew could be Herschel, but the one that hurts the most is the Little Asskicker. The only sign of Judith is her car seat, covered in blood. From reading the comic series, we knew that she would not survive, but since this entire run featuring The Governor strayed from the comic, we were left wondering exactly what was going to happen.

After the previous two episodes, we were led to expect that The Governor was a changed man, but we all knew that he would not change. While he tried to justify his actions, he is a deranged man with a lust for power at any cost. As “Too Far Gone” continues, you see how The Governor handles himself and his business in some eerie scenes including the haunting scene with the little girl who has been bitten.

Overall, “The Walking Dead” made a few missteps, but closed the fourth season’s opening half very solidly. We are left to wonder what is next for the crew as they are forced to leave the prison. It does feel like losing The Governor was somewhat foolish after the last two episodes had such a heavy focus on him. I felt that his death was wasted and rushed. It is really hard to complain though since “Too Far Gone” was a nice close.