Short Film Review(s)-Vic and Midnight Daisy


Review-Vic is a 35 minute short directed by the late Sage Stallone about an aging actor in the twilight of his career. One day fate gives him the chance to have one last time in the spotlight if he can pass the audition. Vic is more of a character study into the world of a desperate soul that wants more than he has in life. A scene when he is at the grocery store and a lady seems to get his attention with just acknowledging him in line he feels a bond with her. This short is the perfect example of less is more; this film gives us a bittersweet sadness watching a man trying to be who he once was, while ignoring that what he currently is. The first part of this short is just an exercise in his daily life, you watch him walk his dog, and how when he ignores a homeless man to go into the grocery store that the guy steals his dog. Our character Vic is in such a panic and you cannot sit there and not feel for him. The other half of this short is his mad dash to look younger again and race to the audition, where he is in front of the bigwigs and he seems to go off the paper and adlib into a heartbreaking speech that will get to you when he speaks out. All in all, this is a powerful short that I feel everyone should watch. It has comedy in the form of dark satire that really balances the sadness and passion of this short.

8 out of 10

Review-Midnight Daisy is a 14 minute short about two guys who kidnap Dana in an effort to get the Midnight Daisy who is a vengeful female spirit who saves women in despair to come out. This concept for me works but it is way too short to work effectively. I love the concept you have some bounty hunters who abduct a female and we think the worst and they are using her to bait a ghost. I mean really in 14 minutes with a film that needs a story and some background into all involved this is the best you can expect. The violence you do get is pretty good and the characters are decent and compelling. The ghost spirit is well shot, and while generic in what she does it still is fun enough to recommend. I just wish this was at least 30 minutes and we got more hunters and killings. But, if this is the tip of the iceberg call me the Titanic, because I would love to sink into this story some more in the future.

7 out of 10