Movie Review-Trail of Blood


Review-Why Joe Dante put his name on this film or wanted to be associated with it is beyond me. Trail of Blood is a done to death story about some friends who are camping in the woods. As the film starts we see someone watching them and we are to assume this guy is a killer or a stalker. We soon find out the friends in the woods that one who is named Jim is going to be a marine. Why did I tell you this, hold on you will find out. Within a little while the friends stumble upon some dead bodies, and then a psycho ex-Marine with his girlfriend who has now captured them, and we find out the stalker in the woods along with someone else are out to stop the couple before they kill anyone else. Do not be fooled by the quote on the box art, this film is bad. Judging by the quote saying “This is a good old fashioned slasher flick”, I am assuming they could not have seen the same film I just did. There is really nothing slasher about it, you get very little kills, the ones you do get are so badly done that you are left wondering why you are still watching it. There is really no slasher aspect to the film unless you think Rambo is a slasher film. The acting in this film I can forgive, it is a cheaply done horror film. The pacing of the film is slow, very slow. Not so much to build up anything, but to keep the film moving from one boring scenario to another. My question is how in the middle of nowhere, could these people trying to stop the crazy couple know where they are. And if this is the case, why was this not stopped before the first death? The scene where they capture the kids in the woods and supposedly torture them is just basic cable done to death horror clichés. I was looking for any saving grace to tell you guys it saved the film for me, but there was none. The actors are so unbelievable, shallow and just one dimensional. They have no personalities, no spirit or anything to want you to get into the film and root for them. Films like this really upset me, a director spends so much time working on a film putting so much money into it, there is just no way someone put money into this and sat there at the screening and said,” I am proud to call this my film”. This film is just a boring and I mean boring road into why fans are jumping off the horror bandwagon and to put Dante’s name on it is a sin. I am praying Dante does not become the next Wes Craven and just lend his name to all these shitty films just to try and draw a crowd off of name value.

1 out of 10