Movie Review-The Snake God


Review-This film was originally made in 1970 and released under the name Il dio serpente. The plot of this film involves Pam who goes to the Caribbean and there with the help of her friend Stella is part of the cult of Djamballa, which involves a man who is a serpent god with whom Pam and him you get the picture. This film is rumored to be so politically incorrect and supposedly controversial, but I feel even for the 70’s standards this film felt tame. The plotline is so thin and skimpy that you just stick with the film just out of curiosity more than anything as to what can possibly happen next. I mean they have a few scenes in this film that are sort of desperate to make us react like animal killing and the eroticism of the characters. But, I felt as grim as the scene tried to be it just felt like an afterthought when they really could not follow it up. The film is filled with overtones, from lesbian to voyeurism. I mean they have a supposed masturbation scene that I felt since they threw everything at us why not showcase that as well. I am a fan of Italian horror and cinema, but this film is just so boring and underwhelming. That all involved in this film, acted and felt like they had something better to do.

2 out of 10