Movie Review-The Punk Singer


Review-The Punk Singer is the most important music documentary of the year. The Punk Singer focuses on Kathleen Hanna who is a feminist punk hero who started out in Bikini Kill. When Bikini Kill disbanded in the late 90’s, she released a solo project called Julie Ruin that was a lo-fi different side of Kathleen. Julie Ruin opened the door for Kathleen to form a band and go further into this lo-fi side with a party attitude and formed Le Tigre. Le Tigre disbanded in the mid-2000’s with Kathleen disappearing. In 2013, Kathleen returned with a new band called The Julie Ruins. This documentary is the story of her origins, her message and most of all her heart-wrenching painful story about the long absence that went from Le Tigre to this new project. This documentary I feel should be watched by every young woman as almost a bible of sorts. Kathleen seems to be message heavy throughout that I think guys will feel like they are being called out and picked on, but I feel Kathleen if people listen does have some valid points and all the rights to speak them. At times, her message does come across like pent-up hostility but I feel as the documentary goes on you get so many different layers of her, that it really should not have come across any other way. Hanna in the later part of this documentary talks about her dealing with Lyme disease, and for the first time an artist who does not bullshit us and paint this picture of happiness, but shows us the true side to dealing with this disease. You have other people such as her husband Adam of the Beastie Boys, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, and etc. who also speak and really come across as honest and genuine. I feel if you are a Kathleen Hanna fan you will enjoy this. Kathleen has a charm and creativity that comes across on screen as contagious. I think artists like Kathleen come along once in a lifetime, and if you exist in their lifetime, you should seek out all you can put out by them. This is a must watch.

9 out of 10