Movie Review-The Hospital


Coming out this Tuesday

Review-The Hospital is one of those films that you just know from the start if this is a film for you. To put this in perspective, the acting is indie, but yet it tries very hard to make you sick and disturb with you with the images it gives the viewer. For the viewer like me who has sat thru some pretty horrific films, this film does have a few scenes that were effective and got me to react. The plot of this film is a simple formula: an old hospital that the locals know is bad news with rumors of hauntings and people missing. A group of people go into this hospital to see if it is haunted, while in there they encounters things they cannot explain and a janitor named Stanley who may have bad intentions. I hate to be negative to this film because it really tries in all that it does, and at times it does succeed and when it falls it finds other means to still keep your attention. Let’s start with the bad, the acting is horrible, the script is generic and bland. Again, these are things that they try so hard to cover up with excessive blood and nudity. This film used shock horror as a way to do storytelling, and while it was good to see some gore and torture, I just felt they should have worked more on the characters and gave them some depth, gave them some personality. The script I felt lacked heart, it was just words that were said and felt non-convincing and just indie acting at its lowest. The positives to this film are the gore and violence for starters and that the actors and actresses were willing to do anything to try and get us to react. This film is a torture porn slasher that if one scene offended you, the next is going to try harder to offend you more. That is the one thing that really kept my interest in this film is how far they would push that line and how far they would go, and boy do they go far. I mean this is not as drastic or extreme as say a Bunny Game or Serbian Film, but it is no watered down Hollywood film either. There are a few scenes in this film that they try to really show people that indie films do not have to follow the rules and boundaries and I felt that good for them, but I am not really sure what kind of person could get into this film. Females could get turned off by all the female nudity and the images of the way they are tortured. Horror fans will dig the gore, but they will be bored by the scenes that do not include them. The perverts will dig all the nudity; you have all women, all shapes naked. But, they would be turned off by how insanely fake the rape scenes do come off. All in all, this film is a mixed bag that I liked for some elements and was bored by other elements, so I reviewed this accordingly.

The Nudity- 8 out of 10
The Gore and Violence-8 out of 10
The Storytelling-5 out of 10
The Acting-4 out of 10

The film as a whole…6 out of 10