Movie Review- Session 9

This film is intriguing and compelling, but not perfect. The emotional build up makes you care about the characters and what’s going on in their lives. Each character adds to the to the story by giving their own unique take on the situation at hand. They all feel like incredibly realistic people living out their lives.

One of the most prominent features of this movie is its slow build. Session 9 does not feel like a horror movie for the majority of the time. It feels like a drama set in a creepy location—an abandoned psychiatric hospital. The main characters are refurbishing it. This is how most of the movie is spent. It is not until the last five minutes that you will see buckets of blood pouring.

(CJ’s personal philosophy: there are two kinds of horror movies I like. You should be able to take away the gore, scare tactics, and suspense from any horror movie and have either a really sad drama or a really funny comedy. From my point of view, if a horror movie does not live up to either of these standards [really sad or really hilarious], it is not good. Session 9 is one of the ones that made we want to cry.)

The Bad Stuff:

1) Stupid Character: Though all the characters did contribute to the story, the first one to die was rather stupid. He wanders into the abandoned, creepy hospital at nighttime with his headphones on. Seriously?

2) Overused Ending: Without giving the ending away, it is important to note that it has been done before. The twist is nothing new.

3) “Session 9”: One of the characters curiously listens to some recorded therapy sessions on tape. The movie derives its name from the most important one of these recordings: session 9. The unfortunate problem is that the connection between the recordings and the plot of the movie is miniscule. The build of up the film leads you to believe that there will be a much deeper connection between the recorded therapy sessions and the plot of the movie.

The Good Stuff:

1) Creative Angles: There are some very interesting and creative shots taken during this movie. For instance, at one point we see the world from inside a mask, provoking the feeling of claustrophobia. Creative angles such as this give the movie great atmosphere and create a sense of the impending doom, that that audience knows is inevitable.

2) Ambient Music: Ambient music is particularly powerful tool in creating scary atmosphere. It is disorienting in how it breaks away from the typical orchestral scores. This music surrounds the entire movie in an air of uncertainty as you are pulled through the mysterious plot.

3) Build Up: This film will certainly have you on the edge of your seat. It will lead you in a million different directions. Many different people could be responsible for the problem at hand, yet you do not know. The film plays with your emotions as it makes you feel sympathetic to each of the characters.

This film gets a 3 of 5. It was not perfect, but it was pretty good. Overall, it is a solid movie, so you should give it a chance.