Movie Review-Running Mates


Review-In a small town called Shoulder, two high school friends are both running for Mayor of the town. Archie Fenton is the small town kid who was named “skid marks”, who went away and got successful and come back to his hometown to try and run for office. When you have characters with names like “one nut”, you sort of get that this film is fishing for laughs. When the two friends first see each other they seem to get along till a little argument leads to them going against one another to be mayor. If Henry Winkler is a selling point for you or Graham Greene, they are on cruise control and what you get you almost wishing you did not get anything at all. DJ Qualls plays One Ball and if you thought his role in Delta Farce was laugh-a-minute you will enjoy this wooden performance as well. The film’s major issue is that it tries so hard to be cruel humor, that when it tries to get sentimental towards the end it just falls flat. The humor in the film is just so one note and unfunny. You are most likely to get more laughs at a loved one’s funeral. This film does try, and it has some heart at certain times but the script and characters are just so poorly written that the film played better as a drama. The backstory to the film is given to us in parts, one part in the dialogue, then throughout the movies in motions and talking back and forth. I felt that the film lost its identity and tried hard to find one throughout. This film is not really a bad film as it is a mess of a film. You feel like there were struggles on the set and everyone wanted to do something different with the material and it reflects in the performances. The humor in this film really tries to play it smart with a dumb flair, but it just comes out bland and so lifeless. It is like all that were involved knew how bad the film was, and just were hoping that some touches here and there would save it. All in all, this is not a fun watch for me and I feel people who want a smart or dumb political comedy should search somewhere else. If you are into movies that are so bad, you want to see if they have any redeeming value you may want to watch this. In a cheesy way, some of the film could work for a viewer. This could pass as a late night USA film. The acting and direction is tailor made for cable television.

3 out of 10